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    Thread: Off all maintenance drugs. Pray for me.

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      Quote Originally Posted by halfApint View Post
      Kicked 100mg of methadone in jail. Subs numerous times. You can do it. Prayers
      Glad to hear the system helped you. Took my girl 3yrs in prison to get clean...she says getting Locked up was the best thing to ever happen to her. She's 5 yrs clean after her my got her started on oxycontin at 13...she is 37 now

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      Off all maintenance drugs. Pray for me. Off all maintenance drugs. Pray for me.
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      I too used Suboxone to quit opioids, but found it very hard to get off of. Getting off the Suboxone is no easy task brother, however it is possible, but you have to really want it. What I did was slowly wean myself off the Sub strips by cutting them into slices and only taking a portion at a time. Each week I took smaller pieces until eventually I was taking tiny pieces at a time. However, once I decided to stop taking them completely, I STILL had major withdrawal symptoms, but if you are really determined you'll get through it. Best of luck brother.

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      Stared at a strip a day. After about 4 months I was down to half. Very slowly went to a quarter. Tried to stop on a quarter and still couldn’t do it so went down to an eighth. Felt like shit still for about a week. Not horrible but def noticeable. Stayed on an eighth for at least a year out of fear of going back to my old ways. Finally I would try to go a day without and take the eight when I absolutely needed to. Eventually was taking just tiny slivers. Part of it was just mental at this point. I eventually got off completely and refuse to take any narcotics at all. Had surgery on my mouth a few months ago and wouldn’t even take the script. It is 100% possible. Don’t rush it. Just stay committed. This is just what worked for me. I haven’t done anything other then the strips for over 4 years now. Cut off anyone who Does not care about your sobriety. Ppl that don’t quit don’t want you to quit.

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      Hey brother! I've been where you are. My thing is opiates. Feel free to read my post labeled "Percocet Addiction for my (short version) story.
      I'm on here all morning afternoon and usually night so feel free to PM me ANYTIME brother! You def have any and all the support here at BOP! You're a brother, you're family.

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      Maintenance drugs only prove to be pointless unless they are used short term and low dose. Iíve been off H since 2004 and methadone shortly after. Heroin withdrawal is weak compared to methadone or suboxone. Please donít get boxed in to thinking you canít get off without them. I would take 30 mg for a week and taper off 2.5 mg eod till off. Your going to get uncomfortable but thatís half the battle facing the fear of detox. Love you bro: beat that shit like it stole everything it did from you!

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      He who makes a Beast of himself gets rid the pain of being a man!

      Weíre all human and deal with things in our own way, Donít let others opinions lead you to find your perfection, at the end of the day itís only you looking in the mirror. Get in a routine, stick to it, fuck the haters, and find yourself....Everything else is just white noise!

      Pain is weakness leaving the body!

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      Stay Strong Bro.

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      You are going to make yourself into an incredible human being! You HAVE TO climb this mountain first. I give you my strength and heart brother. Finish this and you are a man I want to be around.


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    20. Off all maintenance drugs. Pray for me.
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    Off all maintenance drugs. Pray for me. Off all maintenance drugs. Pray for me.