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    Thread: First order!

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      is growing....
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      Quote Originally Posted by Sherbs42 View Post
      Just waiting for my tren test and mast to land and ill be starting that in 4 weeks, after my deca runs out.
      Seems like you did a nice stock up bro. I woulda spent up more but didnt have the funds at the time
      Exact same cycle I ran before having to swap the Tren for NPP.


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      First order! First order!
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      Quote Originally Posted by teej750 View Post
      Exact same cycle I ran before having to swap the Tren for NPP.


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      Couldnt handle the tren?? Wanting to run a proper 8 week cut to see how the body shows up and then aim for a show in 12 months

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      is is 6"2" and 208lbs
      13% BF, goal 230lbs and 10% BF
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      So... I just opened all 30x or so vials from AP. All beautiful... Except the labels are missing from all the Test E vials... Guess they will mail me labels to affix, price for fast shipping...

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      Trest is kicking my ass, good bridge into my cycle. My strength is insane and I've only really gained lean mass. Controlled the bloat with my AI of course. Tren and test coming up to full saturation again. Here we go, the push to 225 lbs from 206. Lets do this! Hope y'all are having great cycles and all your gear arrived perfectly. I love the quality and the smooth carrier oil. I hope quality stays the same as their production rates go up!

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    10. First order!
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    First order! First order!