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    Thread: Over training or not

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      will always be a educated guess . science dont know much of how people adapt yet . and what worked great last cycle might not be all that great on another , then you compound it with life itself with various work you do in the week that varies from week to week . immune system going through different things from week to week with colds and flus amd allergies .stress from relationships and people and bills . its a wonder how we do so good getting mediocracy

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      Over training or not Over training or not
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      I've seen it too...lol. I see some guys in the gym and it's completely obvious by the lack of form & body mechanics that they've never read a single line in attempt to educate themselves. I grew up with my dad being an amateur competitor (nothing big just local stuff like John Sherman) and I spent age's 10-15 reading all his BB books & magazines til' my eyes bled before I ever picked up a single barbell. Franco Columbo's stuff was my favorite to read. And I can't tell you how many times I feel like a fucking rookie after all these years. BB is moving so fast that by the time you turn a page there's something new being discussed.

      Quote Originally Posted by Loose Cannon View Post
      man this makes me laugh. i have a good friend who was natty up until last month. anyways this dude did fucking everything right. he was in it to win it. never grew a fuckin millimeter lmao......i workout with him one time, and im like dude! your barely fucking moving the iron no wonder your body has zero response!

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      I tried something diff last night I ate a bowl of brown rice before gym and I killed it so I think it all came down to carbs loose you were right I'm far from not hitting the gym hard I make people quit most can not keep up with me so it's def not intensity and def not form I've learned form long time ago by hurting myself it was food forsure been trying to eat so clean lately that I've been really missing out on carbs

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      Funny part is I'm actually sore today lol

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    9. Over training or not
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    Over training or not Over training or not