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    Thread: AEL order

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      AEL order

      Hey I am very new to this, heard from a reliable friend that AEL has good stuff. Well I did a lot of reading and saw some mixed reviews, but it was hard to determine the validity. I ordered their Cialis, and anavar. To do my due diligence I ordered a roidtest kit for var (pill). I don't know if I put too much of the ingredients in ( I used less than half a 25 mg pill in each vial) and the color results were not favorable. Does anyone else have more info on the roidtest kit or AEL anavar? It's my first cycle and I wanted to start with something light (I already get TRT from a doctor). This is in no way a knock on any product as I am uneducated in the field, I have done my best to educate myself as I have studied PEDs for a few years now before ever taking the plunge. I am just not familiar with private labs, so please do not take this as me speaking ill of any product, I am just looking to be informed.
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      AEL order AEL order
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      is fake natty
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      ive never done a roidtest, but ael anavar has been a best seller for years. if your concerned about the var i would suggest finding someone you can trust to make sure you do the test properly. but, if you starting taking some var preworkout, i guarantee you'd more than likely not even test the stuff afterwards.

      pm me if you need any help.

      Advanced Elite Labs.com
      Always Free Shipping.
      Email: AEL@tutanota.com

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      is Low test lots of primo
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      labmax and roidstest are completely finicky....I have tested primo that I knew was 100% legit and it tested fake but it was 100% real....I took ael var about a year ago and loved it...I think your g2g from my past experiences with ael....they had a hicup a while back but as far as I know they spent weeks making things right that's why they are still a sponsor here

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      Ok, well thank you so much for the input, and help; I really appreciate it.

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    11. AEL order

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