Seems to be a few rumors flying around that I'd like to clarify.

1) Our site was down yesterday due to a server issue. Someone took it upon themselves to start some rumors that we were shut down or some legal issues. This is not true. We have and if anyone can not reach our regular email or our site is down we can be reached there. We've been around for years and we will still be around we ship openly. I do not know who is starting the rumors if it is a competitor or a disgruntled client or just the normal chitty chatty rumor mill starting up but there is no legal issues. We take ECHECK for lords sake folks we are vetted.

2) Alpha Pharma Line up we will not be able to ship, the owner of Alpha Pharma has or is going to jail for illegal steroid sales and while the company is still producing their legal and non legal line up we have removed Alpha Pharma from our sales offering. I would be very careful in ordering any AP brand item from India, ordering from other countries would be fine. AGAIN I firmly believe in the Alpha Pharma Line up. I just won't be offering to ship it from India where we ship from anymore.

3) July mail was HORRENDOUS with the USA side not just for us for everyone out of India. All Indian mail was slow to ship, slow to process on the USA side, slow to get through customs with majority of items being opened and inspected. Our AVERAGE ship time is 1-2 weeks for EMS. But not July. July was terrible and we HONOR our reship policy. If items do not update tracking in 30 days we reship. We will, do and are reshipping. We do not refund. Once sent we can not take back items for refunds. Once sent we must give it time to arrive. If we could make it go faster we would. The USPS and the US customs are doing their jobs sometimes slow but we hear they are inspecting for illegal drugs. This is their job. While it can delay orders we do not find fault with them for doing their jobs to ensure proper items arrive. I DO DISAGREE with the time frame, I DO DISAGREE that they can hold anything they want on suspicions (for example we've had cialis held once to ensure the yellow food coloring used conformed to FDA requirements).

Our staff has replied and will keep replying to everyone. WE are not going anywhere, we are not shutting down, there is no arrest made. These are scare tactics from usually competitors or shills form other competitors. Every so often a certain postal sorting station is targeted and every package is inspected, a few years ago it was Miami, sometimes it is Chicago, etc... this happens it is a normal Customs Inspection operations doing their jobs. Mail gets tossed aside, it gets lost, it disappears. It is slow. We've had an item we reshipped that did not update for 30 days, we reshipped it, and the original and the reship both showed up.

International carries issues like this but the cost savings are substantial and they are Pharma Grade a lot safer then using items produced in a pill press using raws. Order in Advance of need is always a wise choice.

I look at the value of a shop is not how they are when things are good, but when times are bad, do they reply, to they reship, and yes our staff is replying to everyone and following the rules and yes our staff is reshipping. Any shop can be wonderful when times are good, but to me the value of a shop is when there are bad times do they still reply to emails and do they do what their policy states on reshipping ?

4) There is very little we can do but we can do some things. And after we got into July and we saw that there were issues forming, we have changed the routing of the mail to a different carrier and processing. When there are slow mail we don't know if it is a hiccup or a week or a bag or what is going on. However we have changed routing of mail to try to make it faster and go back to normal. So we do do what we can.

I woke to staff showing me two emails asking me strange questions so I think that there is someone posting or talking some talk that is not true, if you have questions just ask. We are here, we do reply to emails, we do have alternate emails to reach us for situations like our site goes down etc...

We are alive, we are well, we are shipping daily, we do reship. The qty of items that are lost or not showing up or delayed is less then 5% the sheer volume of our overall shipping is not small. And it's a sad fact of life but generally the posts that get posted are only negative. If the posts are all positive they are seen as shills or fake posts. So forums are a place for negativity and problems and gossip. And yes I am a little disturbed by someone out there spreading talk that there are issues, if there were any issues I'd post them up front. Sorry to be a grumpy grump this morning but the back channel gossip is just amazing. WE HAVE toll free line and take echeck. Who else does that ?

Peace Love and I'm out for some meditation and chilling