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    Thread: Tren and some muscle loss???

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      Quote Originally Posted by Bullcrew View Post
      Muscle loss is gone 4 days later with anadrol and hitting gym hard eating Iím up past my last dexa. 205.2lbs lean mass 239.5lbs 10.7% bf

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      Looking good Bullcrew!!
      You can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me!

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      Tren and some muscle loss??? Tren and some muscle loss???
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      Ok so anadrol was the answer my body seems to like both compounds together...still sitting 236 to 240 but getting cut and size is getting defined .
      Got 355 bench last night super slow down super slow lift, they didnít think o was gonna get it but I did it on purpose to see if I could control a few second descent and push it up slow

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      Deciding if tren is my answer it does well but on my metabolism it is primarily a cutting cycle... I have hit a food wall candy cake and donuts excite me, protein my body says oooooo and wants no part of lol....I assume anadrol assisted in that...

      my resting metabolic rate is 2736k calories via the vo2 max set up that’s used for metabolic rate and what you burn. I burn 86% fat 14% carbs and 2736 calories just to wake up and exist in bed....

      i am am getting tired of eating like an asshole and consuming everything I am blown away by the amount of food I eat and still lose fat....to put it frankly, it is fucking ridiculous......

      what I need is tips to turn the last 3 to 4 weeks into gaining If possible, yes I do CrossFit , hiit and run as well which is a Nono but I love power and speed...functional mass and I compete in strength and CrossFit....

      i am backing rhe test back to 300mg we I’m starting to get anxious at night but also may be to busting ass late in day and overloading nervous system after 2 hard workouts a day but I’ll opt to lower it and drop anadrol back to 50mg a day and see if I back off the food wall...

      any tips help...
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    8. Tren and some muscle loss???
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    Tren and some muscle loss??? Tren and some muscle loss???