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    Thread: For Cycle Questions: PLEASE POST YOUR STATS

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      For Cycle Questions: PLEASE POST YOUR STATS

      Please, if you have any questions regarding AAS, Ancillaries, etc. Be sure to post your stats including:

      Years of Training experience
      # of previous cycles
      Diet Plan
      Cycle Goals

      If your under 21, you don't need AAS, you just need to EAT, SLEEP & TRAIN.

      Why Stats Are Required

      Why we ask you certain stats prior to advice on any cycle.......

      Age plays a huge role and one of the more predominate reasons we need this info before advising anything. If you are to young (teens to 24) in the eyes of the more seasoned vets, we sincerely care about your health and well being which is why we oppose the use of AAS. Running cycles at early ages has way to many consequences that are simply not worth the net gains you may receive when on that cycle. Now they may not affect you today or next month, but you could turn 30 (like myself) and be in the predicament i am currently am in, which is what you ask, TRT for life do to early young mistakes.

      I decided to include these together as they can greatly affect one another. Now if you are over weight with a high BF content, chances are your BP could be at a higher rate and when administering AAS, yes it increases your BP and some more than others, but none the less it does. We all know that high blood pressure is not a good thing and we need to get this down for two things in my eyes. (1) If you decrease your BF your chances of high blood pressure are greatly decreased so when running AAS does not pose such a huge concern nor is it as bad for your body. (2) Along with a lower BF when starting AAS, your results will be very much apparent and very satisfying.

      Some people believe that AAS is a magic pill that will shed fat and net muscle mass.... WRONG. I personally believe that you should have a very good knowledge base of training and diet (we'll get there in a minute) before you start AAS. Not only do you need to make sure your muscles and tendons are used to the stresses are ready and adapted to intense training, but your overall results will be so much rewarding.

      This to me is the most over looked aspect of AAS usage. There are so many people who say, my gear is bunk, etc. 10 out 10 of those who say this, are simply not eating enough to grow new muscle mass or cut down there Bf in a cutting cycle. I can not stress enough how important nutrition is to BB. So when we ask to post your diet we get very vague responses to our questions, and we are here to help you, not judge, so break it down for us please. Also understand that we all differ from individual to individual. Active people need to consume more than the average person to put on mass simply because they are expending more cals than the average person, so this needs to be accounted for. We'll use me for an example. I know that i should consume at my current weight 3800 cals per day. Well guess what, i can't, i need to consume at least 4200+ cals to add weight and the more weight i put on, the more i need to up that.

      Now this obviously varies from individual to individual. But once again you have to understand that yes certain gear helps acheive your goals better than others, but some do work better than other with your goals. You have to understand that you can cut with Deca, Suspension and Dbol and gain with Winni, Test P, NPP etc, etc. This is just to show you anything is possible, but your DIET is the key to all this. If you can not dial in the diet or have not already, please do so prior to starting.

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      For Cycle Questions: PLEASE POST YOUR STATS For Cycle Questions: PLEASE POST YOUR STATS
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      Thank you brother,
      not only did you provide what it is the members need here to help someone out..., but the reasons WHY we ask these questions.

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      Thanks I do need help with my diet or might i say im not on a diet.

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      Im working on diet now and will not start my cycle til i have down good.You guys already have helped me soooooooo much with diet and choosing cycle so when im ready i will post all my stats,thanks.

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      Can i get a opinion. Iam new to steroid cycling but i want to gain mass. Iam East Indian

      Age: 33

      Weight: 147 LB
      Height : 5'9
      BF% 7%
      Years of Training experience: 2 years of weight lifting. never tried T
      # of previous cycles : 0

      Cycle Goals: Bulk and gain 25-30 lbs of muscle

      If your under 21, you don't need AAS, you just need to EAT, SLEEP & TRAIN.

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      Quote Originally Posted by dondraper View Post
      Can i get a opinion. Iam new to steroid cycling but i want to gain mass. Iam East Indian

      Age: 33

      Weight: 147 LB
      Height : 5'9
      BF% 7%
      Years of Training experience: 2 years of weight lifting. never tried T
      # of previous cycles : 0

      Cycle Goals: Bulk and gain 25-30 lbs of muscle

      If your under 21, you don't need AAS, you just need to EAT, SLEEP & TRAIN.

      This is a general help topic just explaining what to include with your questions. For more help with anabolic steroid cycles please post your questions in the Anabolic Steroid Discussion forum


      This thread is very old and nobody usually comes back to them, so for more answers start a new thread for questions.
      COC RULES: https://brotherhoodofpain.com/anabol...e-conduct.html

      e-mail: PAiN@BrotherhoodOfPain.com


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      Ok So I'm pretty new to this forum and not sure if this is the place to post this
      I have been in the mix for a couple years now, anyways I'm just looking for constructive criticism and opinions on where to go from here...

      Cycle Experience 3 Years (have been researching, learning, watching etc.. for over 10 years now knowing plenty of vets that have been cycling for years and picked their brains and experience) so I'm not completely in the dark but its never bad to get more idea's and help.. Anyways

      33 Years Old
      4th Cycle Currently
      19% BF

      Anything and Everything With regards to as much protein in every snack and meal I can
      Approx 3500-4000 Calories

      250-300g Protein

      All this throughout the day with my biggest surplus and meals between 7 and 11pm
      My diet has been somewhat shitty and jumps around with my lifestyle I haven't been able to do
      my favorite 5-6 snacks and meals a day so I'm usually at 2 meals a day and
      2-3 snacks consisting of 500-700calories 120g protein

      My 4th Cycle Started on 10-27-2016
      Test Ace 100mg EOD
      Tren Ace 125mg EOD
      Mast-P 125mg EOD
      Exemestane 12.5 EOD
      GW-501516/Cardarine 20mg ED

      All this until 12-14 Last dose Tren 125
      12-16 Swapped to NPP200 EOD
      added Test Prop 100 EOD

      So I was doing

      Test Prop 100
      Masteron P 125
      NPP 200
      EOD with
      Test Ace 125 Offsetting those days.
      so my totals were
      800mg Test
      800mg NPP
      600mg MastP a week
      From Week 7 to Week 10
      Ended up getting TestPP 125 from my source as a mix up I guess so I swapped to
      TestPP125 EOD
      Winni 25mg 2x a Day - 50mg ED

      I've been running that for 3 weeks now or you can say its Week 13 of my Cycle
      I've been planning starting PCT in another week or Week 14
      However I've really been feeling good on this Test and Winni Thinking about bumping to 75mg ED on the Winni

      My Goal; shooting for leaning out a little more well possibly adding a few more lbs of leanmass, really would like to gain another 5-7lbs but where I'm at now I figure its a little out of reach

      One of my current predicaments is that I helped out a friend by giving him my personal a couple weeks ago because I had a pack on the way with all my gear so I put my faith in that and of course the one time I get boned, my pack has been lost or not sent for 2 weeks now and I just did my last shot of Test 5 days ago, as well as my last Dose of winni yesterday, Now Tomorrow For sure I will have more
      My question is what would you guys do, Just continue starting tomorrow a couple more weeks to really take in the benefits of my current situation
      I've felt a lot more solid, and the pumps ive had the last week or 2 have been phenomenal, I almost feel better then I did on the 3 I was running prior to this
      Or do you think the time off without test is gonna ruin the end of my cycle?

      Another question is my PCT anything I can do to better restart my Natty Test maybe change doses, add and take away something? I was thinking of running Toremifine instead of Tamox but I know its proven and worked fine in the past sticking to the tried and true..
      Triptorelin GnRH 100mcg Shot
      Nolva 60/40/20/20/20
      Possibly Clomid 80/40/20/10 (ive noticed I get horrible sides from it with the moody aspect so I'm kind of iffy using it but I figure it would help A lot.. I've heard Enclomiphene has less sides any experience or advice from anyone on that??)
      Exem 12.5 EOD for 8 weeks
      T-booster Supps got a couple in my stash thinking about picking something up with NMDA and 5a-Hydroxy laxogenin and arimistane those 3 were amazing last time I used them all.

      I appreciate everyones opinions and if theres something I left out let me know!

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      I looking to do what most call a real cycle. I have always just done test. T300, Prop 100. Im thinking about stacking something with Tren. All suggestions are appreciated

      40 years old
      190 right now but cut down to 175 from march till about October
      BF 12%

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      Age: 37
      height: 5’6”
      weight: 150lbs
      bf%: 12-15%
      diet: commissary items (incarcerated)
      tunas, mackerels, etc.
      goals to put on some muscle and look god in swimming trunks. Lol
      traiming experience: 3 yrs
      cycles: 2 dianabol only and dbol, test and teen cycle.

      my question is how many vials each of test enth and deca 300 to try cycle number 5 from the thread cycles for beginners thread? Any help would be appreciated.

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    20. For Cycle Questions: PLEASE POST YOUR STATS

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    For Cycle Questions: PLEASE POST YOUR STATS For Cycle Questions: PLEASE POST YOUR STATS