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Not exactly playing devil’s advocate here but a few factors or other POVs here...

Rats naturally get tumors. I don’t know about +/- eating GMOs but they get them more often than not. Anyone who has had pet rats could tell you that.

Monsanto is just a company like any other that is beholden to its shareholders to create profits. Dow, J&J and a shitload of other companies produce products which help, but at the same time may or DO create harmful or even deadly conditions with these same products.
Soybeans for example. They are a bitch to grow to harvest without dozens of invasive weeds that significantly reduce the payout at the grain’s point of sale for the farmers. This mean that the farmer is just as culpable in the proliferation of GMO or “RoundUp Ready” soybeans.
Corn. Same thing. Dirty corn is docked for “moisture” which usually includes these weed remnants. Farmers spray glyphosate to destroy these weeds in the fall and spring. Some use BT corn, the GMO stuff to stop caterpillars in their tracks, thereby not having gross amounts of their crops destroyed by these pests.
So blame the farmers too, because it is indeed money that drives them to use GMO seeds and proliferate chemical. And no, not just the factory farms like Cargill. The small guys use these things too.
The other side of this GMO plant thing is that crops can be grown and people can be fed, meaning less starvation, in areas that perhaps could not grow food in the numbers required or maybe not even at all.
I am in no way implying that these corporate giants are doing any of this to be altruistic. I’m just laying out another POV or at least more info...if you are interested in an intelligent fight.

And for for crying out loud, don’t be using the Amish for any human health related comparisons. They actually have genetic disorders named after them, which has been proliferated by their insular breeding practices which is pretty incestuous.
Tbh there’s no other point of view I even care about. Because the bottom line is, being profitable in the name of harming the human race in the process, is fucking disgusting. Their being any rules lax, or acceptable levels, is disgusting. Would you take out a spoon and feed your child an acceptable amount of weed killer poison? Straight up? Your wife? Loved ones? Just take the FDA acceptable amount, put it into a spoon and ingest it... did you know, people who eat any of the foods without shopping certified organic, will at any given time, have up to 30,000 different toxins in their system? From the air, the food, the water... I can pretty much feel safe enough to wager they are going to end up tying the cancer epidemic to Monsanto’s death practices. The sudden rise, plague and now epidemic...

Also, there won’t be any debate as far as I’m concerned, I know plenty of farmers who refuse to use the Monsanto death seeds and take extreme precautions to ensure their soil is never contaminated. I deal with these farmers and their organic network during seasons that I’m able to enjoy good clean harvest. My whole state is at war with each other over this. Neighbors using Monsanto seeds, others having to put up fine netting up around property perimeters making them look like driving ranges for golf courses... having to trench down 3ft around their perimeters and installing ply board, river rocks, logs and some even just dropping in concrete... organic farmers having to literally remove 6inches of soil from their entire acreage and replacing with new... because of cross contamination...

No real savings in causing farmers to do all that now is there?

It is a fact that the cost to profit ratio between organic produce vs Monsanto poison produce is not even significant enough to warrant using the death seeds. As a matter of fact, in my state, the organic farmers are more profitable than those of their counterparts... which is good since it is translating to more and more making the switch to get certified for the higher gains.

Hay farmers using Monsanto seeds or the Monsanto death seeds growing the grains in feed, poison livestock causing tumors in the cattle, sheep and horses. Not just lab rats. Also the death hay can not be controlled by conventional methods and neighboring farms get infested with root systems from the Monsanto hay.

The bees who pollinate, very critical to my states economy. Are dying by the millions. They cross pollinate and contaminate on top of it.

Third world countries have straight up refused the death seeds. They’re more intelligent than we are obviously. They also care about their people enough not to poison each other.

The United States waste billions upon billions of pounds of food every year. Not to mention the other countries waste. People are still starving to death in all of our countries. The Monsanto death seed isn’t a fix to that. That argument is straight out of their playbook. And It’s completely ridiculous.

Any argument, pro Monsanto will indeed fall on def ears here. There’s zero excuse or acceptable terms to warrant the use of poisoning our fellow man, women and children.

There’s way too much research from actual reputable sources from US, UK, Germany, Norway, Russia proving the relationship to the tumors, cancers and a whole slew of other diseases... up until these recent lawsuits in California, people playing devils advocate or are pro Monsanto would argue to the death over how people are just liberal pussies who are paranoid and making false claims against big corporate giants with fairy tales and conspiracy theories... yet here we are. Everything’s been proven and continues to be so.

So enjoy your bowl of wheaties if that’s what you like doing to your body. I’ll stick to certified organic products.