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    Thread: Bitcoin/paybis.....

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      I've Come across the simplest bitcoin usage.
      It's called PAYBIS.....
      Google it. What I like about it is you can go down and load cash onto a prepayed visa card then go to the site. This way none of your personal banking info every gets mixed with this or these buys.
      VERY cool!!!

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      Bitcoin/paybis..... Bitcoin/paybis.....
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      Sorry brother...I have found a few I am researching. Besides the bitcoin atm (coinradar app tells you where near you) you can also use localcoins etc and see who is in your area that wants to buy. May have to use orbot (onion like vpn that access the tor network) Mycilium wallet (spelling) has this feature, need orbot to run the localcoin finder included in it.


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      If you scroll all the way to the end on the PAYBIZ.... There at the end it DOES make exception....PREPAID VISA and one other(can't remember)
      YOU CAN USE THESE TWO to use this PAYBIZ.
      I've been using Westren Union /money gram for 4yrs now. Occasionally denied sending large amounts of money but yesterday only sending $370. Everybody denying me. Even stranger is the SAME reciver has picked up at LEAST 25 times. Go figure... They never tell you why.
      I did get scammed last week and went out of my way to point him out in many social media outlets. I'm not sure but I wonder if he's got something to do with it.
      Im forced to use cryptocurency.... Which I hear is a good thing once I get set up and established

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    9. Bitcoin/paybis.....

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    Bitcoin/paybis..... Bitcoin/paybis.....