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    Thread: My wife's kid, AGAIN!!!!!

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      His issues are not the cell phone, yes the cell phone and unlimited xbox are contributing factors. His issue is that his father is a complete POS that has never had to pay his way. My wife supported him while they were married, now when he gets in a bind, his daddy bails him out. Hell we send them food, I've given him money to pay for meds and even called in a favor to help get him a car after he wrecked his.

      The kids problem is that he see's what little effort his dad puts into things and thinks that's how life is. I don't play that shit in my house. I work my ass off for what I have and for what I provide. I have zero patience for lack of effort. A life plan of being a you tuber is not a life plan to me. Its hard on my wife because I put her in the middle but she knew this coming into the marriage. Her oldest son and I have a few issues but he gets it. They are just a different breed because of their dad. I try not to let that cloud my judgement but dammit, it gets hard to over look sometimes. I don't like throwing in the towel and sending him to his dads but I have a lot of stress in my job and I'm dealing with a mother with dementia and the last thing I need is some little shit fukking around in the house and threatening me. Our house and his dad's house are night and day and I some how think that sending him back into a dump will make him realize how good he has it in our house. its not working.

      Their dad has been wanting to move back to Mass and live with his parents, mind you he's 45. He has wanted to take the little one with him, which we will not allow. We're not going to split the kids up. So long story short, we're going to offer to pay his way to move back to daddy if he will just leave. We'll send the kids up to see him next summer. I think that will give the little one enough time to get over his issues......atleast I can hope.


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      My wife's kid, AGAIN!!!!! My wife's kid, AGAIN!!!!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by bigpapapumpaf View Post
      I've shared a little bit of the drama that this little shit has caused us but this one will floor you.

      Caught him on his phone in the middle of the night, so I took it from him. Every other time we've taken his phone he's been up to no good via text messaging. This time he texted his dad that he was going to 'kill me one day'!

      How pissed should I be? He's a 12 year old little runt that's about dumb as a rock. I am livid at him and his dad who should have jumped his ass but didn't. The wife is pissed because I read his phone.

      Geez.....wtf is wrong with this picture?

      Sounds like you need to have a sit down.
      Man with how some kids are these days you just never know if it's talking shit or for real. Hope things get better for ya brotha.

      Much respect

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      What a little fucker, just start giving him hidens ha!

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      Hope things get better for you and your family big papa . I'm sure you will eventually get him going the right direction seems you want to and the dad is just the lazy ass. Keep Trying ..............kids are soft as fuck in our society these days( I have great kids but they still tend to be soft sometimes) electronics , social media makes them tards . Keep Pumping bro

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      Brother, most adults play the victim and especially kids. He probably feels like it makes his daddy proud or some shit. Me being me I'd be like well stepson here's your chance to kill me take a swing and just make him look like an idiot. Also FYI my parenting skills may be questionable.

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      Seems your wife raised that kid wrong and maybe it is time to have a little talk about his behavior towards you (if you are not the father). He is at the age where he's testing limits and you need to show him what the limits are.
      The Temple of Iron heals

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    17. My wife's kid, AGAIN!!!!!
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    My wife's kid, AGAIN!!!!! My wife's kid, AGAIN!!!!!