Just a little devil's advocate for most of the posts I've read through here.

Dont forget your mind can drastically change....whether it be from an event or age etc. I'm 100% with you guys. I had a life and it was a blast. But I basically gave in to the marriage deal - I loved her and didnt want to lose her. (Very smart I know Middle Aged - Never Married No Kids) haha...now after 10 years of marriage and 5 kids later...couldn't be happier to have the things I had written off in the past. Just saying...no reason to make your mind against it - make something convince you it's a good idea. 1000 reasons not to marry just doesnt stack up against a handful of good reasons - my 2cents.

Btw I find it strange people would give you shit about not having kids or marriage. Why the fvk would they care?..unless they want what you have I suppose. Next time someone says some sideways comment about being married find the hottest chick in the room and just start tongue fvking her face...then tell them "your right, this sucks"

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