View Full Version : NBA fines Cuban $100,000 for yelling at referees

01-20-2014, 10:18 AM
NEW YORK (AP) The NBA fined Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban $100,000 on Saturday for confronting referees and using inappropriate language toward them.
Cuban confirmed the fine on his Twitter feed, saying he couldn't let Commissioner David Stern leave without a proper farewell.
''Its been a fun 14 years of trying to create change and donating to the donut fund!'' Cuban wrote.
Cuban went onto the court and yelled at the officials after the Mavericks blew a 17-point lead in the final 5 minutes of a 129-127 loss at the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday. He called it ''speaking his mind'' in another Twitter post.
He tweeted that he would donate an equal amount to charity once he reached 2 million followers, which he is about to reach.
Cuban has been fined more than $1.5 million by the league, often for his outbursts about the officiating.
Stern is retiring on Feb. 1. Cuban had told ESPN.com he wanted one more fine before Stern left.

01-20-2014, 10:22 AM
I like Cubans PASSION for competition.

01-20-2014, 03:10 PM
I like Cubans PASSION for competition.

Same here. I like the guy. I watch him on Shark Tank lol.

This is pocket change for him.

02-09-2014, 02:09 AM
If I got fined for "speaking my mind" I'd be royally fucked. How much do these owners make I wonder?

03-09-2014, 09:36 PM
LEGEND !! Imagine if he was lakers owner atm... he would be broke in no time lol

03-18-2014, 06:26 AM
I personally admire and respect Marc Cuban. He's an involved passionate owner and doesn't just sit back and make a profit. Props.