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    Thread: Lets talk about Tyson squats!!!!

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      is sick of the bullshit
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      Lets talk about Tyson squats!!!!

      After reading other threads and thinking of my own experiences I can seriously vouch for the effectiveness of essentially destroying your legs with a huge amount of reps a couple times a week. I am a huge advocate for Tyson squats. The version I used (cause everyone has their own) is when you lay out a predetermined amount of playing cards face down on the floor (10 is a good start) and step to the first one, squat down and come back up with it. Immediately following this you will then step to the second card and squat down placing the first card on top of the second card and then come back up empty handed. Next is squatting back down and picking up JUST the FIRST card and coming back up with it and then squatting back down and snagging the SECOND card and coming back up to immediately step to card #3. -you will repeat this process picking up or putting down ONLY 1 card at a time. Another thing to mention in this is to ALWAYS alternate which hand is picking up or putting down said card. You will be switching the stack of cards from hand to hand between each squat so as to facilitate using the opposing hand. This will ensure that you are not just training one side and work on your coordination as well. If you fail to pick up a card when squatting down you must come back up WITHOUT that card and repeat the squat-(NO CHEATING) If you do this right and use enough cards for each time you do it you will go to sit down on the toilet the second day after the workout and the second you go to drop your ass on that toilet your legs should collapse under you.

      So here's the layout for reps per card (if you're doing it right)

      Card #1- 1 squat
      Card #2= 3 squats
      Card #3= 5 squats
      Card #4= 7 squats
      Card #5= 9 squats
      Card#6= 11 squats
      Card #7=13 squats
      Card #8=15 squats
      Card# 9=17 squats
      Card#10=19 squats
      And so on...

      With the first 10 cards you will end up doing 100 squats in total!
      Now imagine card # 36 which totals 71 squats for that card alone!!!
      Thats where I can lay my claim to fame as I show guys in my unit how to do them. I escalated to doing my workout with 36 cards in this way in a matter of 1 1/2 months!
      I was squatting for over 2 hours straight only stopping for water or when I was starting to get light headed and seeing stars. Is this a healthy thing? Thats debatable but what I will say is that the cardio went thought the roof, I got insanely shredded in a minimal amount of time and all I was using was my own bodyweight (no gym equipment). I mean my quads had sideways striations!!! Keep in mind I was doing ALL my calisthenics (pushup, situp, pullup, squat etc..)My diet wasnt perfect in fact we had chicken wings every friday, a lot of chicken wings were flown in. One meal that was consistent for me everyday was breakfast. I had a giant bowl of plain Quaker oats with peanut butter and frozen blueberries. One pre workout I have found effective before such a task is a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
      I invite any of you to try this method if you think you have the stomach for it! Even if you dont think you can do it, try! You may just learn that you are stronger than you believe and mentally tougher than you know. Either way what do you have to lose???

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      is sick of the bullshit
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      Any takers?

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      I've heard of these before but I'm not sure if they were called Tyson squats. They will definitly blow your legs up.

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