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    Thread: Buying Bitcoin "Updated 2017"

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      Quote Originally Posted by bobhead View Post
      coinmama users. What state worked for you.
      They're not servicing me.
      They hate me as well, there were a handful of sites I tried that wont work in my "area". I am still a complete noob with this coin thing though. For example, using paxful or one of the other options listed on the main screen, am I to understand that if I am supposed to send lets say 200 to a source via coin, I may have to buy said coins for 230 or whatever it equates to just to get 200 worth of coin to they trans to a wallet, then off to my source? Sorry if this sounds completely stupid, but this process is completely new to me and I have been avoiding it for years sadly...

      Thanks for any help brothers,


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      Buying Bitcoin "Updated 2017" Buying Bitcoin "Updated 2017"
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      Quote Originally Posted by Xtreme4Life View Post
      If you're not involved in a high volume of transactions I think you will be fine using Coinbase to convert USD to BTC. However, I would not send money directly from Coinbase to a source.

      Once you've got your US Dollars turned into Bitcoins in Coinbase, it's really easy to send them to another wallet address. You could create another wallet on a site like Blockchain.info for instance. That one is not necessarily the best or most anonymous, but it's free (other than minimal transactions fees) and easy to use. It allows you to store your BTC offline as well, enable 2FA, auto generates a new wallet address to receive money to each time, etc.

      If you trying to move thousands of dollars away from Coinbase to another wallet I would use what's called a blender first....it'll help anonymize your money. That's how most darknet sellers move their money from the marketplace. For smaller transactions I wouldn't even sweat it though.
      Shit. Coinbase just shut me down for a $50 transaction to our sponsor CrazySteroids....and it wasn't even for any illegal substances. Ordered a SARM powder & some DMAA.

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      Coinbase is gay AF. Canceling more accounts daily... I've used Coinmama and like it pretty much, u get coins very fast

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      Same here coinbase shut me down after 2 years of use????

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      I know that maybe this will sounds silly to you, but I prefer to ask than doing wrong.
      If I have small transactions to do, I simply buy on coinmama or similar and then I confirm the bitcoin wallet address that the seller gave me, isn't it?
      If I have bigger transactions to do I use a blender..

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    12. Buying Bitcoin "Updated 2017"
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    Buying Bitcoin "Updated 2017" Buying Bitcoin "Updated 2017"