Work lifestyle
* My shifts are anywhere between 13-15 hours a day.
* This schedule is on a 30/10 cycle 30 days straight Monday-Sunday with ten consecutive days following with 2 days travel time giving me a total of 8 days.
* Jobs can change multiple times in 30 days the most Iíve seen is 4 times in 30 days this means I may not have access to one or multiple different amenities. Creating a issue of compliance to a standard diet.
* Once I start shift I cannot leave lease location for my designated 12.5 hour shift. What I have on pad is all I have on pad I have a 77 gallon cooler of ice.
* My job consists of the following
* Rig up days on these days itís 12.5 hours on my feet with no time to sit down multiple times to eat. Doing this will result in me being relieved from my duties and a tarnished reputation within the company. All food must be portable enough to eat on the go.
* The following days are 12.5 hour days where I am collecting data Iím available to eat every two hours at this time frame.

* Target lodging for oilfield workers ( this isnít a standard hotel.
* Most facilities have a gym however the equipment is roughly used and neglected. Most dumbbells only get up to 55 lbs. treadmills are available at select locations, not all equipment is at every facility itís a serious hit or miss type of situation Iíve resorted to using anytime fitness while within distance to use the gym.
* In room accommodation
* Mini fridge ( At select facilities )
* Shower
* Bed
* Table
* Sink
* Recliner ( At select facilities)
* All facilities offer food below. Some are just better than other with a few extra options I donít get to pick my location or request.

Food preparation
* We are provided free meals at the chow hall this is determined by the accommodations we are given for thirty days.
* Some locations only offer facilities food or a gas station for food the nearest grocery is up to 2 hours away.
* There are a list of foods that we are available to get every day. The following is that list.
* Chicken
* Steak
* Fish
* Apples
* Oranges
* Banana
* Cereal ( Frosted Flakes, fruit loops,raisin bran)
* Chips ( assorted )
* Milk
* Soft drinks
* Salad Bar
* Deli meat
* White/wheat bread
* Sweet/white potatoes
* Deserts
* Eggs with yoke ( scrambled, omelet)
* Bacon
* Sausage Pattieís
* Water bottles
* Carb source on rotations hash browns, oatmeal, grits, rice ( I donít eat grits)
* Meats are limited to 4 total pieces chicken seems to weigh 3oz cooked per piece steaks are 6 oz cooked fish is 4-6 oz cooked
* Meals are served 3 times a day I have access to only 2 of those meals most foods are semi healthy meals.
* I know some of this isnít on the list of healthy but to give you a complete idea of what Iím working worth.

Physical Training Availability
* For me to function properly I need at least 7.5 hours of sleep taking into consideration the hours I work plus drive time I have 1.5 - 3.5 hours.
* Facilities do have gyms but as listed above they are severely limited on resources. Worse equipment than most hotel gyms.
* Access to anytime fitness as long as Iím in Carlsbad New Mexico or close enough to another one however my travel can increase to 2 hours to get to a gym.

Days Off
* I have 10 days off with 2 days drive time and 8 days at home Iím available to work out everyday and eat what ever schedule needed at this time.

Truthfully I would like to be able to cook my meals as buying food Pre prepared is expensive as hell. Does anyone have any insight into how to go about this lifestyle and lose body fat.

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