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    Thread: Muscle Soreness after injecting

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      Muscle Soreness after injecting

      I emailed Dyel about the last batch I have of Test C. Two other friends and myself are having bad muscle soreness after injecting and it lasts for several days. I have been using this same from Dyel for over a year. He tells me recently he changed the carrier from GSO to MCT. Anyone else experiencing this? One of my buddies has had low fever off and on for a couple weeks, I woke up with one today and used Test C yesterday. But that may be coincidence. Mainly wanting to hear from others! It's not at my injection site but runs on down the muscle in the quads/

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      Muscle Soreness after injecting Muscle Soreness after injecting
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      I just took my "medicine" yesterday...2cc test c in my shoulder and have been fine. And this is the new mct oil as well. I mean I'm a little sore but not to the point on it affecting me moving my arms. The injection point is a tad sore but that's it. And I stuck 2cc there too. Hopefully it's just the spot you and ur buddy injected in and not the test c. Keep us updated on how your feeling bro.

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      The good thing is that if its sore it may be a bit overdosed which is good compared to underdosed which anytime I've run higher concentrations Ive gotten that soreness and "test flu" occasionally LOL Not uncommon though.....I haven't used Dyel but those symptoms Ive experienced before and Im 51 so Ive been around for a while LOL

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      So this is my theory on soreness and I believe most guys in the game for a long time will agree. You pay you play. Soreness is normal with short esters. As far a long ones I can’t say I have ever had soreness for cyp dec eq. But it could happen it may be the alcohol content in it. As far as fever or low grade temp. No way never. And if you have a few other friends with the same symptoms I would say contact sponsor rep. I am on test o Tren A and npp right now and I have been limping and hurting for weeks. Every spot I jab is sore for 24-48 hrs. The tren makes me feel like utter shit. Almost flu like sometime. But that’s par for the course with some bad ass tren . I have never used dyle but I know they have some good reviews. Reach out to them and see what happens. Let us know.
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    9. Muscle Soreness after injecting

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    Muscle Soreness after injecting Muscle Soreness after injecting