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    Thread: Var - need a lady's perspective who uses Var.

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      Quote Originally Posted by jbstafford290 View Post
      My wife is currently using 10 mg ed of var and she loves it. No sides or enlarged clit. I just inspected it today lol
      Routine inspection and maintenance are key!

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      Var - need a lady's perspective who uses Var. Var - need a lady's perspective who uses Var.
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      Quote Originally Posted by meatneck71 View Post
      My wife is planning on working out here soon once the new gym down the street is finished being built. She's pretty excited about it and she has been wanting to do this now for some time and she's been dealing with weight gain since she hit 47. She's tiny - 5'4 weighs about 135 (she used to weigh in around 120-125) and has always been fit. Once she gets into the swing of it - 6 months - maybe a bit longer, she was thinking about introducing 5 mgs of var - maybe 10 per day. Of course, she's super concerned about the side effects. I told her that it's the most friendliest towards ladies.

      So - I apologize if this seems weird, but I don't see any mention of it anywhere (openly discussed) so if this is a bit forward, I apologize. We all know that orals / steroids can have sides, as most do, but if she were to take var, she's worried about growth of her clitoris. We know that if something like that should occur, she'd stop immediately, but can you tell if something is going on down there if it was actively taking place? For instance, when I'm on gear, my boys down there ache and shrink unless I add HCG to prevent it. Obviously they return to normal. If I get gyno effect, my nips hurt until I add nolva / adex etc. Is this the same for women? Or once it gets large, no return?

      all good considerations...as someone who's a little bit older than your mrs. I would consider a few things while shes getting back at it. She is probably starting to head into her "change" and weight gain happens unfortunately. I fought my pcp on this for years, but its true, need less calories when the hormones tank She also might want to consider having her thyroid checked, problems with it are pretty common as we age and she should make certain to ask her doctor for free t3 & t4 along with TSH. They always just want to do TSH and that wont tell you squat. A female hormone panel would probably be good as well. She may have low T (nope, not kidding LOL) and TINY doses of it might make her feel pretty good. I did 20-30 a week when I was going through it and YAAAY, only thing that woke up my dying libido. Knowing where these are all at before she starts is helpful so shes not spinning her wheels and getting frustrated. Its a little different for a more..."mature" woman The medical community is super supportive of you gentlemen losing your "mojo" but for us ladies...not so much.
      Love Var, my favorite compound and have run it several times, gives nice strength gains without much in the way of sides. And sad to say....the "enlargement" goes away BUMMER . No need for pct and she wont need to take anything else to combat any other effects. It wont help with weight loss but would add some muscle and give some strength gains.

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      I agree with what MrsRobinson said but I would also urge you to make 100% sure you get var not some cheap substitute. What some claim to be var is actually dbol and that's a whole different issue. Find something pharma, not home brewed. She's your wife, so spend accordingly please.

      Side effects should be zero to none at 5mg. I had my wife up to 25mg without any issues but she started out well under weight and weak due to an eating disorder. Her next cycle will be 5 mg.



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    9. Var - need a lady's perspective who uses Var.
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    Var - need a lady's perspective who uses Var. Var - need a lady's perspective who uses Var.