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    Thread: Anavar for Women

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      Anavar for Women

      I wanted to piggy back off of the thread "Women and anvar". Allot of possitive information on anvar I thought I would post my findings on Anavar with listed cycles for the ladies. I will also provide a link of reference to the findings provided below...
      Some details on anavar:
      Anavar for women will do just about anything and everything a female athlete or gym rat could ever desire. It can promote muscle growth with a solid plan to promote it in place. Oxandrolone can significantly promote strength, as it is intrinsic to its nature. However, the greatest attribute it possesses revolves around leaning out.

      Listed cycles;
      Beginner Anavar for Women:

      Week Anavar Clenbuterol Nolvadex
      1 10mg/ed 20mcg/ed
      2 10mg/ed 40mcg/ed
      3 10mg/ed 40mcg/ed
      4 10mg/ed 60mcg/ed
      5 10mg/ed 60mcg/ed 10mg/ed
      6 10mg/ed 80mcg/ed 10mg/ed
      7 10mg/ed 80mcg/ed 10mg/ed
      8 10mg/ed 100mcg/ed 10mg/ed
      *Notes: If you are supplementing for off-season growth simply remove the Clenbuterol and Nolvadex and enjoy the Anavar benefits. If you are trying to grow, ensure you are consuming enough calories to do so. For the vast majority, the above plan will be perfect for leaning out for a contest or simply enhancing a better looking physique. It should be noted, while HGH will be included in the remainder of our examples, it can be added here too; if you add it in, a dose of 1iu-2iu every day will suffice, but this is optional.If you have never supplemented before, you are encouraged to start with the beginner stack to ensure you tolerate the hormone well.

      Intermediate Anavar for Women – Cutting:

      Week Anavar Primobolan Depot Clenbuterol HGH Nolvadex
      1 10mg/ed 2iu/ed
      2 10mg/ed 2iu/ed
      3 10mg/ed 20mcg/ed 2iu/ed
      4 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 20mcg/ed 2iu/ed
      5 100mg/wk 40mcg/ed 2iu/ed
      6 100mg/wk 40mcg/ed 2iu/ed
      7 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 60mcg/ed 2iu/ed
      8 10mg/ed 60mcg/ed 2iu/ed
      9 10mg/ed 80mcg/ed 2iu/ed 10mg/ed
      10 10mg/ed 80mcg/ed 2iu/ed 10mg/ed
      11 10mg/ed 100mcg/ed 2iu/ed 10mg/ed
      12 10mg/ed 100mcg/ed 2iu/ed 10mg/ed

      Intermediate Anavar for Women "Bulking":

      Week Anavar Primobolan Depot HGH
      1 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      2 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      3 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      4 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      5 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      6 10mg/ed 2iu/ed
      7 10mg/ed 2iu/ed
      8 10mg/ed 2iu/ed
      9 2iu/ed
      10 2iu/ed
      11 2iu/ed
      12 2iu/ed
      Advanced Anavar for Women Cutting":

      Week Anavar Winstrol Primobolan HGH Clenbuterol Cytomel Nolvadex
      1 10mg/eod 2iu/ed
      2 10mg/eod 2iu/ed
      3 10mg/eod 2iu/ed 20mcg/ed
      4 10mg/eod 2iu/ed 20mcg/ed
      5 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed 40mcg/ed
      6 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed 40mcg/ed
      7 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed 60mcg/ed 25mcg/ed
      8 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed 60mcg/ed 25mcg/ed
      9 10mg/ed 2iu/ed 80mcg/ed 50mcg/ed 20mg/ed
      10 10mg/ed 2iu/ed 80mcg/ed 50mcg/ed 20mg/ed
      11 10mg/ed 2iu/ed 100mcg/ed 75mcg/ed 20mg/ed
      12 10mg/ed 2iu/ed 100mcg/ed 75mcg/ed 20mg/ed
      Advanced Anavar for Women Bulking":

      Week Anavar Winstrol Primobolan HGH
      1 10mg/eod 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      2 10mg/eod 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      3 10mg/eod 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      4 10mg/eod 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      5 20mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      6 20mg/ed 100mg/wk 2iu/ed
      7 20mg/ed 2iu/ed
      8 20mg/ed 2iu/ed
      9 20mg/ed 2iu/ed
      10 20mg/ed 2iu/ed
      11 20mg/ed 2iu/ed
      12 20mg/ed 2iu/ed
      Due to other articles reviewed we decided to start off on a 6 week cycle of Anavar only, we want to approach this new adventure slowly and safely.

      If anyone has first hand experience "Ladies" please provide some details on how you felt while on Anavar and the progress visibly seen.

      Reference Link: http://www.steroidabuse.com/Anavar-for-Women.html

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      My wife had to many sides off of Legends anavar.

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      I would think running anavar the first 8 weeks and then winny the last 4 stacking with anavar would be better for bulking.
      5'8" 195 4.5% bf

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      my wife is currently on her first anavar cycle about 2 and half weeks in doing 5mg twice a day. the past few days she has notice strength increase and huge increase in sex drive. no negative sides for her yet but i might post more of her experience

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      I truly believe anavar is one of the best AAS out there. Very little toxicity, good strength, quality gains. Downside is expensive and often faked. Too often it is replaced with dbol, which of course is plentiful and much cheaper.

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      Dbol passed off as anavar, obviously is detrimental to a female. A girl I know got into some anavar that wasn't anavar and quickly had the shitty sides real quick. Raspy voice, enlarged clit, bloat, etc.

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      What type of sides? Did you try 5 mg ed? I'm thinking of getting the wife on Anavar for libido boost.

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      I enjoyed reading this. Sometimes trying to understand what's best for our women can be hard to understand.
      "When I die I want to be called a friend, a brother and a family member to all I meet."

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      My wife is 6 weeks into 8 week cycle(first cycle)Anavar,clen,t3..anavar 5mg ed,clen at 20-40-60 weeks 2-4-6,i'd have to see what shes running the t3 at..she loves it,gotta lil worried at first,it completely shut her woman cycle down,but finally came,sex drive was or is through the freakin roof,so I love the cycle too.. gains are there and loving the weight loss..definitely tightening up and feels great..Mainly looking for the fitness and weight loss..Gonna do 5mg twice daily next go round

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      Why the nolvadex?

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