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    Thread: Chill out!!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Electromass View Post
      The old school guys remember what it was like to wait a month or more for mail order gear....7 business days is SMOKIN FAST!! You guys and your instant gratification needs are going to ruin this shit for everybody!!
      Or your local guy who "has whatever you need" until you actually need something and he's MIA. Or trying to order directly from overseas and like EM said, waiting at least a month. Got my stuff in 4 days which is VERY fast. But normally I try and just forget about my order so I'm not obsessing over it. Btw, so far I'm VERY pleased with service and quality so far.

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      Chill out!!!! Chill out!!!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Santino101 View Post
      I canít believe somebody really even said this. Thatís stupidity. Yea letís get the post master involved so they can get law enforcement Chill out!!!!. Sense isnít common because if it was then everybody would have it

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      This is one of the craziest things I've seen so far. I also remember years ago when every order you made was overseas unless you had a quick connect and you had to wait at least a month or longer. I try to forget I even ordered so then when it does come in a under a week or little over then I get anxious but until then who knows wtf could happen. I would definitely cut that dude right off and give em his money back. Ur just asking for trouble doing that shit it's bad enough that it's already illegal as fuck

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      Quote Originally Posted by flashlabs View Post
      Im not sure why some of you guys think that your order has to show up in 3 days ? Ive never advertised that ? Because it's super unrealistic. I know what a good t/a is . and its not 3 days ???? Those are the exception. NO OTHER SPONSOR IS SHIPPING WITH A 3 DAY T/A CONSISTENTLY. PERIOD! So dont expect me too. Prepare earlier. And resellers i know whats up. Your promising your customers an unrealistic t/a they get mad and you blow me up. Not anymore ! You keep it up and you'll be immediately blacklisted !!!!! I ship fast . enough said
      You mean this isn't Walmart? Come on man WTF......Whoever the fuck said they were gonna call the post office should be fucking blacklisted on principle alone

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    10. Chill out!!!!
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    Chill out!!!! Chill out!!!!