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    Thread: Saizar Labs

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      Hey guys, What kind of pics are you wanting/needing? I know you guys like to get them from other customers but I have a ton of them on hand if you want me to post some I am happy to?

      also, I appreciate the feedback in here, its nice to hear from you guys on the seizer brand. we worked extremely hard to procure this line. I saw someone say they wished they had more products on the line?.. I believe they are looking to add a few products. I had this same questions in the beginning when we started working with them and they told me they had tried to add several other products to the line including Tren enathate, a Primo product and a Mast, but they had troubles procuring a legitimate reliable source for the raws. Its extremely hard to source the raws to meet the standard they use so if they can't routinely get procure a pure potent raw.

      However, I do believe they are looking to get some new products added to the line in the coming months, I will keep you guys updated.

      Geardepot USA domestic service!

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      Saizar Labs Saizar Labs
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      Please read the reviews and use that product.

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    6. Saizar Labs
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