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    Thread: Have a Couple Questions

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      Quote Originally Posted by Stephen375 View Post
      Just an update:

      I pinned my delt for the 2nd time, 1cc Saizar Test-Ent at 300/ml and .5cc Kab EQ at 600/ml.

      I warmed both in hot water for 5 minutes. Also, I went from a 25g needle to a 22g.

      There is some PIP but nothing like before. It's like a normal vaccination PIP. Very slight redness, and I have not been on antibiotics at all for this injection.

      Still seeing good results in the gym as well.
      Nice! Iíll have to try the same with my Saizar stuff from GD. Good feedback.

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      Have a Couple Questions Have a Couple Questions
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      Yeah I've been experiencing the exact same thing with the saizar cyp. I decided to run a test cycle with it where I pinned every 3 days and every injection site was so inflamed I had to stop the cycle. Gd is awesome for sure but my.rep that he would give me.the kx on my.next purchase instead of sending it to me now which was a little disappointing. Especially since I was told by the same rep, after I found this post, that the saizar cyp was cottonseed oil. So I'm not sure what to believe about the carrier oil.
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      Hey bro...I shot you a PM.

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    8. Have a Couple Questions
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    Have a Couple Questions Have a Couple Questions