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    Thread: Premature ejaculation :( dapoxetin??

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      Quote Originally Posted by MrBash View Post
      So here is the real... I am usually good for 35-40 min no Coke and I don’t drink.. and if I blow my load in 2 min my wife dosnt care cause I am gonna eat the shit outta her pussy before I bang the shit out mat her so she is satisfied either way.. this guys gotta realize it’s not all about how long you can hold out for , it’s what you do with the time you have.. but I will say this , chances are if he meets a chick and hits it for the first time and loses his shot I. 2 min chances are he is t gonna get a second. Well maybe.. woman wanna get theirs too.. and this whole thing with woman cumming while your banging them.. I’ve been with a lot of women and I would say outta all of them maybe 4-5 came from vaginal penatration.. if you talk to a woman that can come from a final penetration they will tell you it’s something that’s gotta be worked at and they have to be really I. Tuned with themselves. That’s why a lot of women love clitoral stimulation it is much stronger for them.. my wife can cum from clitoral stimulation 5/6 times during sex. Or once or. It at all. She love me and loves being with me. And I am sure most wife’s will say the same things about their men. If your a fast cummer, and I am not talking about you I am more talking about the OP I would say ask her if their is anything you can do to make her sexual experience better with you. But for god sake do not apologize for it...
      So let me get this straight, you blow your load and then you gonna eat the shit outta her pussy? Umm. You're hardcore.

      You are right about women who cum during intercourse / penetration / tuned. My wife is like that. She loves me, turned on by me physically and emotionally and she can flood me crazy within 5 minutes. My wife used to love me going down on her, but now clitoral orgasms are so intense she'd prefer the penetration method, and she loves that too. Several orgasms during sex. Satisified every time. I think we're two lucky men!!

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      Premature ejaculation :( dapoxetin?? Premature ejaculation :( dapoxetin??
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      Just tell them there so fucking hot they make you bust to fast blame it on them been soo sexxy they will dig tht then just go agin and hook them up

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      Sertraline 100mg have your doc put you on it. You’ll have a callus before you ever cum

      Last edited by gitkrunk; 03-17-2019 at 02:57 PM.

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      I skimmed thru the posts as there was a lot and many of them have great advice. I had a similiar situation and its completely gone now. PE is definitely a mental thing. So my wife is like impossible to get to cum without clit play but she can do it from intercourse it just takes the right move and situation. Anyway my issue was everytime I got her to that point where she was about to cum I would get super excited and couldn't hold back and had to cum. Because we don't use birth control or condoms I would need to pull out and the timing was always terrible and she would never cum as I pulled out to soon. I found Dapoxetin and viagra pills online and honestly they are fucking awesome. I need 60mg of dapo and 100mg of viagra to work perfectly. This makes it so I actually need to make myself cum or I can fuck for hours. I used them for few months and tried on some different women as well and lets just say I never had women cum so many times from sex and even had women squirt which i've never seen before. My ego issue was fixed and once you get this confidence you'll be in better control and won't cum in 2 minutes anymore.

      I would look for dapo/viagra pills online and try them

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    9. Premature ejaculation :( dapoxetin??
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    Premature ejaculation :( dapoxetin?? Premature ejaculation :( dapoxetin??