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    Thread: 30 solid pounds in 6 months

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      My push session the other day went well. Chest was mainly decline smith presses, db flyes and cable presses. Shoulders db lateral raises, standing barbell presses and 1 working set of machine lateral raises. Tri-ceps barbell skull crushers supersetted with close grip bench then some extensions.

      Earlier I had a pull session and I wasn't fully feeling it but pushed through. My left bi-cep tendon has started again so I lowered the weights and done a variety of tri, super and giant sets. I even skipped bi-ceps and added quite a few sets of abs. I utilized the smith machine for incline bench rows for my 1st movement (after warming up) and planned to go very heavy but the tendon was causing me issues so I changed my approach. I also performed more neutral/hammer grip rows as that feels better on the tendon for me. I ignored my stick to machines due to my lower back post the other day and decided to throw in some t-bar rows at the end. I only went up to 4 plates which felt light but I done high reps and concentrated on squeezing on every rep.

      This thread is old and I just started adding to it as I like to post about my training and figured I would just carry it on. But it's time for a change so I will create a new thread soon. I have very similar goals but it will make things more clear as my approach will be different. So gonna have a few days off the gym and start my new cycle when it comes and will post a new thread. More of the same but hopefully lot's of growth. I have been off everything for it seems awhile now but not too sure but it must be approaching 2 months soon. I am eager to get to work and start growing. My libido is also non existent so the hormones will sort that out too

      The best and cheapest AAS available. PM me for a list or if you have any questions.

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      30 solid pounds in 6 months 30 solid pounds in 6 months
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      Solid gains bro...


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    6. 30 solid pounds in 6 months
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    30 solid pounds in 6 months 30 solid pounds in 6 months