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Rippedgen is 100mg/Rippedgen is 100mg test p, 75mg tren a and 75mg mast p per ml. Am I missing something? How does that not fit into the cycle I stated? This is for a cut and I want to keep it low due to how I react to compounds. This is also the first time running mast. Would 150mg pw of mast be crazy low and not worth it? Or will I see some benefit? This is a conservative cycle. I do have some mast e I can throw in to bump it up. Thanks for your input and recommendation on HCG.
150mg a week is a little bit on the low end , I think you'd be happier running it at 350mg-400mg. Mast is very very mild side effect side, if your prone to male pattern baldness it may expedite the process and some people expiernce some prostate issues.

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