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    Thread: Delivery

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      Nice looking products
      I'm a fuel injected suicide machine.

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      Delivery Delivery
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      Quote Originally Posted by Elvia1023 View Post
      For some it takes a little time to feel it. I feel/notice it within days. Only 1 person I know was a non responder and he used 3 different trens to find that out. But 99% of people will love it. Enjoy your cycle.
      never heard of anything like that ....

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      Quote Originally Posted by gapi View Post
      never heard of anything like that ....
      Yes it is possible. Perhaps I should have stated a very bad responder. Some guys simply don't respond well to certain drugs. They get little in regards to results/side effects. Just the same as some people are hyper responders to AAS. My mate used 3 different tren's and got nothing from them. One was Geno's tren a which is the best I have ever used and I used the same batch as him and it was amazing. It's true some guys don't have a clue either but some just have really bad genetics combined little knowledge. Although you could be an idiot and eat and train badly but add in Geno's tren a and you should change fast. I am sure you have come across guys on the forums on high doses and they don't even look like they use any aas. Whereas others can mutate on tiny doses in short periods. A mate of mine mutated in 4 weeks on Geno's tren a and he ate 3 meals per day and trained ok. The change in him was ridiculous and so fast.

      The best and cheapest AAS available. PM me for a list or if you have any questions.

      Use code ELVIA1023 to get 5% off your next Synthetek Order.
      For a limited time only, if your order is $300 or greater, they throw in a product of YOUR choice absolutely FREE.


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      Saw that in the second pic after posting lol but not the 1st keen to see how you get on with the tren how much you plan on running?

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      Working on an M.A. in Roman Catholic theology at the moment. Then onto an M.A. in philosophy. Then a PhD in philosophy at U of South Florida-Tampa (in Scholastic metaphysics, Aquinas, and the history of philosophy in general), then onto a PhD in theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. I'm not Roman Catholic, but it will allow me to have Roman Catholic theology as a research interest when I'm done with the education and in my career, writing and teaching. It will allow me to write stinging critiques of the theological errors of Mother Rome. That's what scholars do. I'm perfectly in my academic rights to write papers that set out to prove wrong positions that are not one's own.

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      What's up plank how's that proviron working out and the tren a I got 2 bottles just didn't run it yet waiting till next go around. Thanks

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    15. Delivery
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