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    Thread: Wholesale cooperation

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      Here's what we know. British Dragon is gone forever..

      Here's a question..
      When someone sells a product, and makes false claims about that product ..
      Isn't that considered the practice of "misleading" consumers/customers/clients ??

      If so, then can't we also assume, that it's the willful intent to use the British Dragon name and reputation to mislead any potential consumers/customers/clients, into buying their products.??

      Here's more recent examples of what the practice of "misleading" looks like. I'll use information from a recent article on the DailyMail.com,
      'Misleading' food manufacturers named and shame:

      McVitie's Butter Puffs contained no butter, just vegetable oil.

      Safeway Salmon and Shrimp Paste was found to contain 30% mackerel and 15% cod and water and just 3% shrimp.
      Safeway's Tuna and Onion Paste contained 20% cod.

      Princes Crab Paste contained more mackerel (39%), cod (20%) and water than it did crab, which made up just 11% of the product.
      The Ocean Spray pure juice of cranberry with grape and apple by Gerber Foods Soft Drinks Ltd contained 50% grape, 28% apple and 22% cranberry, the researchers found.

      'Misleading' food manufacturers named and shamed | Daily Mail Online

      Last edited by BadGas; 02-04-2019 at 05:17 PM.

      Please contact us regarding order and vip details.

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      Wholesale cooperation Wholesale cooperation
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      Crazy Dozer is the official Rep . That is why his title is in Green
      Dragon Pharma , Dragon Wings or Dragon Dragon is just a name .

      Only Email contact:

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dont wanna be old View Post
      Crazy Dozer is the official Rep . That is why his title is in Green
      Dragon Pharma , Dragon Wings or Dragon Dragon is just a name .
      Sure. Theyíre misleading people and selling counterfeit product, who cares. Itís just a name... you think you are buying one brand, but find out itís just a knock off.. no biggie.. a Rolex is a Rolex. Doesnít matter who makes it...

      Will definitely agree to disagree on this one boss.

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    9. Wholesale cooperation
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    Wholesale cooperation Wholesale cooperation