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    Thread: Tren A from Revalor pellets

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      Tren A from Revalor pellets

      Was wondering if anyone has made Tren Ace from Revalor pellets? I heard it could be a little tricky, but it could be done.

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      I thought revalor was test prop and estrogen.. hard as hell to extract the test crystals without proper lab gear and know how. Too much work for either, tren ace is very inexpensive.

      i used to make tren ace oil from finaplix back in the early 2000s, super easy and really good tren. But tren was expensive back then, not too many UGLs around, we got our gear from overseas and it was always 4-6 weeks for delivery. Lots of fakes!!

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      Thanks for the write back. Was wondering if anybody knew anything? I read some on Elitefitness that the same process to make Test Prop from Synovex. The same steps could be done by breaking down Revalor to get Tren A.? I use to also make Tren from Finaplex pellets when it was still available, but then poof it was gone! Was hoping that the same type of pellets were out there, but just under a different name.?? Thought about getting powder, but didn’t want a large quantity, didn’t know of reliable source, and didn’t want to spend a shitload of money! Still have kit from before when I use to make it.

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      Not worth making unless you absolutely know how to seperate the compounds we like from the Estrodial.

      It was fun while it lasted, when they had Finaplix-H and Component T-H and Component with Tylan. When it was just straight TREN ACE. AND NO ESTRO!

      Nowadays all that's left available as far as cattle implants all have estrodial in them.

      Like others have mentioned, it's cheaper just to get the final product from a reliable sponsor on here, already brewed and from Tren Ace raws only no estro crap.
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