In Stock in USA (18th May)
Test A 200g
Test P 900g
Test C 1850g
Test base 650g
Sustanon 950g
Tren a 900g
Tren e 1500g
Boldenone Undecylenate 2000g
Deca 400g
Npp 200g
Mast P 200g
Mast E 600g
Anadrol 300g
Mesterolone/Proviron 500g
Exemestane 50g
Nolvadex 200g
Letrozole 200g
HGH GMP black tops bulk in stock
HGH Pharma blue tops bulk in stock
HCG 5000iu bulk in stock
HMG 75iu bulk in stock

On the way to the USA,
Test p 1000g
Test e 7400g
Test c 6400g
Tren ace 1700g
Tren E 1200g
Deca 500g
Npp 500g
Mast p 500g
Primo e 100g
Anavar 1400g
Dianabol 1700g
Stnaozolol 1300g
Anadrol 1300g
Turinabol 400g
Superdrol 150g
Tadalafil 2200g
Sildenafil 2100g

The minimum order is 50g. Arimedex, Letro, primo e, primo a, Halo minimum order is 10 grams. It's better to confirm with me about domestic inventory before you place an domestic raws order, because the inventory changes every day.

We can also ship from China, 3-5 days by DHL, 8-15 days ship to our agent first then to you.

Payment is Bitcoin, Paypal, Cash in mail, Cashapp, Venmo, western union, Moneygram and bank transfer.