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    Thread: How to use HGH?

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      How to use HGH?

      How to use HGH?
      In this article you will get comprehensive information about HGH usage

      • What form of HGH – liquid or freeze dried powder – is better?
      • How to mix and store HGH?
      • What solvent and type syringe to choose?
      • How to inject HGH (difference between subcutaneous and intramuscular injections)?
      • Where to inject HGH (best site)?
      • HGH brands

      Powder or liquid HGH?

      Powder is better, unless you buy HGH in pharmacy. Structure of growth hormone is fragile,
      especially if it is already solved, so liquid form require proper storage conditions – 2-8 degrees temperature and absence of jolting. Also, solved HGH has less storage duration.

      Freeze dried (liophilisate) powder is contained in vacuum packed vials to prevent the hormone from destroying.
      So it is better to buy HGH powder.

      Bacteriostatic water for HGH

      Although growth hormone can be solved in simple injection water, it is better to use bacteriostatic water. Its presence in the HGH kit is the sign of officially manufactured and high-quality growth hormone such as Jintropin and Ansomone.
      Bacteriostatic water doesn’t allow bacteria to reproduce and decrease efficacy of the growth hormone.
      To open bacteriostatic water ampoule, make an incision with knife and then broke it with your fingers, wrapped in a cloth. IT is easier to incise ampule with a diamond cutter, which is contained in Ansomone kit.
      HGH mixed with bacteriostatic water can be stored for 3 weeks instead of 5-7 days with the injection water.
      You need insulin syringes for HGH injections. HGH brands such as Jintropin, put syringes into the kits. They are almost painless and none of the substance stays in the nose of the syringe. As the syringe contain 1 ml of water, it is better to take 100 IUs syringe for convenient dosage calculation.
      The short needle is more comfortable than long. You can use one syringe for 2-3 injections. Then, the needle blunts and injections become painful.
      Alternative to the syringes is special injector without needle, which is almost painless and convenient. However, it costs about 200-400 dollars.

      How to mix HGH?

      • Remove the top from the vial.
      • Wipe the rubber cap with the alcohol.
      • Take an insulin syringe and pull 1 ml of water (full) into it. IF you inject 10 IUs in one time, you can pull 0,5 ml.
      • Push the needle through the cap on the vial and slowly push the plunger down.
      • Take the plunger out of the syringe to reduce vacuum and don’t allow water to pull back. Then take the syringe out of the vial.
      • Wait until the powder completely dissolves. Put it in the fridge and store at temperature between 2 and 8 degrees.

      Don’t shake the vial and don’t freeze HGH. It will destroy the substance.

      How to inject HGH: subcutaneously or intramuscularly?

      You can take HGH in two ways – under the skin (subcutaneously) and inside the muscle (intramuscularly). Both types have advantages and disadvantages.

      Subcutaneous – higher bioavailability (75 %), shorter period of action (3,8 hours), less pain
      Intramuscular – lower availability (63 %), but action lasts for almost 5 hours.
      Bioavailability is more preferable than duration, so subcutaneous injection is better in the most of cases.
      Another advantage of subcutaneous injection is local fat burning. It is caused by receptors of somatropin in fat tissue, that response to elevated level of growth hormone, so fat in the injection site burns faster.

      HOW to make subcutaneous HGH injection?

      • Wash your hands with soap;
      • Pull HGH in the syringe;
      • Wipe the injection site (5-10 cm in the left of the navel) with alcohol;
      • Take skin fold with two fingers
      • Insert the needle with 45 degrees angle into the fold and enter the substance;
      • Wait several seconds until the solution disperses, take the needle off and wipe the injection site with alcohol again.

      Alcohol isn’t necessary, because needle is too little, but it is desirable.
      Intramuscular injection
      Follow the same disinfection procedure, but inject into shoulder or triceps. Angle is 45-90 degrees.

      How to choose proper HGH dosage?

      I’ve already written a comprehensive article about how to choose HGH dosage.
      Briefly, it depends on your purpose, cycle duration and protocol (every day or every other day).
      Optimal cycle lasts for 3 months using HGH every day. Your daily dose needs to be divided by two equal parts. The first one needs to be taken exactly after you wake up, fasting. The second – between meals in the middle of the day.
      Fat loss requires 2-5 IUs a day.
      For significant muscle gains you need 5-10 IUs of growth hormone daily.

      Source -
      How to use HGH? | WorldHGH

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      How to use HGH? How to use HGH?
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      Thanks for sharing! I always feel better using a company that is well educated in the products They sell and worldHGH.com is very educated on their products! Any questions about HGH just ask them.
      COC RULES: https://brotherhoodofpain.com/anabol...e-conduct.html

      e-mail: PAiN@BrotherhoodOfPain.com


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      Great post. I just wanted to add their is 2 types if insulin pins. If your kit doesn't contain the pins and you are ordering off line or in a pharmacy if your in the USA you should be fine, but international countries may have a different pin. When a doctor writes a script for something needing to be administered SQ (sub qutanious) IN FAT YOU PINCH he writes Xiu/100 but there is a 50 unit pin that is made. Since most people on the site don't get it from a doctor they may not know and order the wrong pins. When you add the water to the powder (reconstitution occurs) if you have a 50unit pin or a 100unit pin that makes a difference. AGAIN EVERYWHERE IN USA CARRIES 100iu pin not the 50 unit pin. On HGH this wouldn't be life or death but if someone was to try taking Slin with it they could take double the dose and that could be VERY BAD... If someone is prescribed insulin for example the dose is 20iu/100 BID of Novalog . BID ( two times a day) but the dosage is 20/100. not 20/50. I don't think most would come across this but just something to keep in the back of your mind when ordering pins online internationally. Everything should be 100 so mistakes don't happen. I had a friend slip into a coma on slin bc of the dose and the family wouldn't let me in to look to see what he did. YOU GET ONE BODY ONE LIFE do your research !!!!

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      Good thread thank you

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      great thread

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      Thanks for this information very helpful

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      Very useful for the newbie. Thanks so much bro

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      I've been looking for this type of info. Thanks!

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    20. How to use HGH?

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    How to use HGH? How to use HGH?