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    Thread: Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures

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      Hey everyone. So basically the reason I started using HGH was because I was gifted 2x 72iu Humatrope from a good friend. (Really good friend obviously, right?!) - Obviously 150iu isnt going to last me the minimum 6 month suggested use, so I decided to start researching some to find something that I can afford and is LEGIT. I stumbled across Jintropin.US and was a bit skeptical because of the pricing and from research I heard there was a lot of fakes. To make a long story short, I did more research, saw some testimonials here on the board, and decided to make the purchase. It arrived quickly as you can see above and the serial #'s all matched the official gen-sci website.

      Using HGH for the first time, I accidentally dosed myself with the Humatrope incorrectly. Because its 72ius, I was pulling 2 units per pin, but what I realized is that the Humatrope only has 3.15 ML of water, so the conversion is different. I was essentially pinning 5iu of HGH by pulling and pinning 2 units. My hands and feet were swollen as shit. Didnt bother me a ton because atleast I knew it was working.

      I just started the Jintropin from Jintropin.US somewhat recently. Ive pinned about 50 IU's thus far. Because I did the conversion incorrectly on the Humatrope, and I hear Humatrope is very strong, I continued to pin 5 IU of Jintropin. Hands still swollen (good sign in my opinion) .. I went back down to 3 IU to see if the swelling would decrease and it did. I went back up to 5 IU and the swelling is back. I'll probably hover around 3-4 IU for awhile until I can work my way back up to 5-6.

      So far my experience has been great. And the guys at Jintropin.US have been very helpful.

      Hope this helps.

      Considering getting bloods in the next month or two. I'm in no rush at this point because I feel it working, but it would still be nice to know.

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      Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures
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      Thanks for the report on Jintropin.US bro. I'm about to place an order from them myself (Jintropin also) and now feel more confident about doing so (I hate ordering from outside states - bad experiences in past). Also, last couple times I did HGH (tried several different brands of generic) in last couple years, I got carpel tunnel so bad I had to stop after about a month in. I never had this happen when I did Jintropin (which was about 10 years ago since I've had legit Jintropin). Is this normal? I have been hearing about carpel tunnel as a side effect of ALL brands of legit HGH, generic and human grade in the last couple years. If that's true then why didn't I ever experience it with Jintropin when I used it 10 years ago? I used 3-5 IUs daily every time (recent and back in the day).

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    5. Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures
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    Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures