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    Thread: Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures

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      Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures

      Hello everyone!

      I'm new here. Came across this website on Jintropin.US website.

      Anyways, after much research and contemplation I decided to make the purchase. I ordered 400 IU of Jintropin to compliment my 150 IU of Humatrope that someone gifted me. (What a good friend, huh?!)

      Anyways.. Their communication was great, very helpful and patient with me.

      From Russia or Ukraine to West coast USA in 7 days!! Impressive!!

      Not much to say other than the service was great, the shipping was quick, the packaging was secure, AND the serial numbers are legit!

      I'm halfway through my first 74 IU of Humatrope @ 2iu a day. After I finish both Humatropes, I will jump on the Jintropin and get my blood work done. If someone wants to start a GOFUNDME for me, i'll provide bloodwork from both the Humatrope and the Jintropin for a comparison.


      Edit:: Unsure why I cant get pictures to post. someone help.
      Editx2:: Figured out my post count was too low Enjoy the pics
      Last edited by ucmenow?; 08-11-2017 at 11:05 PM.

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      Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures
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      Good shit

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      Look awesome bro!

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    8. Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures

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    Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures Jintropin arrived to the USA with pictures