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    Thread: hygetropin.biz vs. hygetropin.cn

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      hygetropin.biz vs. hygetropin.cn


      I have doubt regarding the Hygetropin sold by jintropin.us. On their website, they indicate that the verification page for their product is hygetropin.biz . However, after making some research, especially on Eroids, it seems that the real website is hygetropin.cn. Many sources agree that this is the real website.

      For example, www.hygetropin.biz was a website in Ukrainian in 2013 (http://web.archive.org/web/20140517132809/http://hygetropin.biz/), which is strange for a product manufactured in China. In addition, on one of their picture, the packaging indicates even another website hygetropin.com.uk http://jintropin.us/wp-content/uploa...0-WA0001-1.jpg .

      On the other hand, www.hygetropin.cn exists for 10 years now: http://web.archive.org/web/20070512014543/http://www.hygetropin.cn:80/,i.e. just after the foundation of Hygene Biopharm which produces Hygetropin http://www.biohygene.com/indexES.html

      Finally, note that their verification page for checking their Ansomone hGH doesn't work : . The real is here (http://www.ankebio.com/english/info.php?class_id=104104), but maybe they only forgot to update their website.

      I have contacted Hygene Biopharm to have their opinion, but I haven’t heard from them yet. What do you think? Why do you they use the .biz instead of the.cn website ? Any opinion ?
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      hygetropin.biz vs. hygetropin.cn hygetropin.biz vs. hygetropin.cn
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      Yes I have an opinion. Eroids is a scam piece of shit website. If you believe it you are a fucking idiot. Now that you have spammed mine I'll be sure to ad you and that website to the scammer forum just for everyone's peace of mind they will know you are full of shit and a scammer. Thanks for playing.

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      Thank you for your quick answer. As I'm here only to do a due diligence before buying hGH and not to argue. There are clearly some potential conflicts of interest between sponsors and this forum. If a sponsor is attacked, then revenues for the forum decrease, which explains the "constructiveness" of your feedback.

      "In this post you can see photos of Jintropin and Hygetropin we sell – WorldHGH experience These photos are made by FrankTheTank – one of the moderators on BOP and very trusted person on the forum." (Guarantees | Jintropin.US). I don't think that needs additional comments on the close links between this forum and at least one of its sponsors. I wouldn't be surprise that the exact same people work in both websites.

      I wrote an email to jintropin.us to have their opinion. Hopefully, they will convince me that their are a legit website by explaining me why they use hygetropin.biz instead of hygetropin.cn with better arguments than "piece of shit", "fucking idiot" and other virtual threats, which, let's be honest, are not very frightening.

      As information seems to be somewhat biased here, I'll be glad to write that I'm convinced about their products on this forum should it be the case. Indeed, the fact that there is a conflict of interest between this forum and jintropin.us doesn't necessarily mean that jintropin.us is not selling excellent products for a cheap price. Shouldn't be the case however, I will only share my experience on other independant forums. Indeed, I'm not here to screw up your mafia business model.

      Although my post didn't allow to know whether jintropin.us is a legit website or not yet, at least it shows the lack of independance of this forum, its conflicts of interests, and therefore the relative low trust that readers can have in its information.

      To any websites out there, legit or scammers: you need to increase your revenues ? Simple ! Just become a sponsor of brotherhoodofpain.com ! FrankTheTank, PAiN & friends will take down any comments which might question you !

      I keep you updated if I receive an answer from jintropin.us, and also from Hygene Biopharm that I contacted and who produce the Hygetropin.

      Thanks for playing too. :-*
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      I believe he felt the pain

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    10. hygetropin.biz vs. hygetropin.cn

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    hygetropin.biz vs. hygetropin.cn hygetropin.biz vs. hygetropin.cn