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    Thread: Ordering Instructions

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      Ordering Instructions

      Hi everybody! In this thread, we will explain how to order from Jintropin.us.

      If you are interested in placing an order from us, we can offer two main options how to do it. You can choose any of them.

      Option #1 — Ordering via Email.
      It’s the easiest option to order something from us — just send us an email. Message to worldhgh@yahoo.com or use Contact form on our site.

      In your email, please mention:

      • Which HGH brand you would like to order. (You can find the list on our site).
      • How many kits you are looking for.
      • How you would like to pay — bitcoin or bank wire transfer. (We will help you if you are not sure how to use them).
      • Your shipping address and phone number.

      Within a short period of time, we will get back to you and will send payment information. After we confirm receiving the payment, we normally ship on the same or next day.

      If you are not ready to order yet, you can simply ask any questions via email or in this thread.

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      Ordering Instructions Ordering Instructions
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      Option #2 — Ordering from Website

      Ordering from the website is another great option. To use it, please visit our website Jintropin.us (BTW — you will find plenty of useful info on HGH there).

      Step #1 — Choose Product
      On the main page of our website, choose the product which you would like to order. To do that, press button Add to cart below the desired brand(s) (See Photo #1).


      Photo #1 — Add to cart the desired product.

      Then, follow the link View cart (as shown in Photo #2).


      Photo #2 — Proceed to the cart.

      Step #2 — Choose Quantity
      If you are looking for more than one kit, top up their number in the field Quantity (as in Photo #3) and click Update Cart. If you want only one kit, just leave everything as it is.


      Photo #3 — Choose how many kits you would like to order.

      Note that you can get free shipping ($30 discount) if you order 3+ kits. Just choose this option in the field Shipping (shown in Photo #4).


      Photo #4 — Enjoy free shipping ($30 discount) if you order 300+ IU.

      After choosing quantity, press violet button Proceed to Checkout.

      Step #3 — Fill in Your Address
      Once having proceeded to checkout, you can fill in your personal data — name, shipping address, and the phone number. Required fields are marked with red asterisk. You can check an example in Photo #5.


      Photo #5 — Fill in your address and phone number.

      Also, please choose a payment option and accept our terms & conditions (it’s not a long and boring document — just a simple FAQ). Then choose Place Order.

      Step #4 — Make a Payment (or Relax and Wait for Our Message)
      Congrats on having placed an order! If you have chosen bitcoin as a payment option, you can already transfer the funds to our wallet, which you will receive in an automatic receipt. After that, please send us a message to worldhgh@yahoo.com so that we know about the transfer. We will ship your order on the same or next day we receive the BTC.

      If you would like to pay via a bank wire transfer, we will send you payment information within a couple of hours after you place an order.

      Thanks for your attention. If you have any questions, feel free to message us to worldhgh@yahoo.com, use Contact form, or simply ask the question in this thread.

      Have a nice day!

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    5. Ordering Instructions

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