Hello everyone,
I am usually a reader of these forums but never posted and might have had an account in the past but probably not.
I just created this account to share my good feedback about this company.
This is only my opinion so please don't take my word for it, go order small and see for your yourselves. Then order big and enjoy the results.
My Norditropin order came fast, around a week if i remember correctly. Also the results were good with the product. I know everybody everywhere says you can't see results in a short time but i beg to differ. I am not a guru nor a scientist, I had no blood tests done but this was my personal experience. I didn't lose any weight even though my fat went away and it's usually much harder to keep the weight while dieting and restricting calories.
What is their strong point in my opinion is the support. Man, these guys are fast. When I say fast I'm not saying they reply within the hour, but I could always rely on them to answer my noob emails and i still do.
Enough talking, go email them and ask questions about anything like delivery and products and you will for sure get a reply from someone, pick your poison and go get that summer body.
Before everyone jumps me with boring flamatory posts, i am not working or benefiting from anything writing this. I just have a way with words and I am happy with the company.
P.S. I wrote the same review on another forum as well because I think they deserve it to be seen and heard. Cheers!