Ordered and paid same day via Bitcoin, hit the mail the following day, 14 days from order to touchdown.
Similar results on previous order.
I've ran and posted IGF/Serum on a previous order with good results.
I ran 4iu's/day for 3.5 weeks before joint aches convinced me to back down to 2iu's/day for the last couple weeks, going to bump it 3/day now that supply in and see how it goes.
At 50 days of administration along with some adjustments in diet and activity my goal of trimming down and toning up is beginning to show progress.
My psychological well-being seems to be in good shape, with the exception of libido.
I haven't had a spontaneous erection in weeks and the gal who keeps me fed is none too happy about it.
If anyone else has had this experience let me know if you found anything that helped.

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