Hi guys. Apologies in advance for the samw questions you've probably read and heard before, but its my first time using any injectable, and I want to be as certain as possible before buying something I'm going to inject into myself through the Internet! Lol.

I've read hundreds of forum posts, articles etc, and there is lots of differing opinions onto the best option (understandable). Ive gotten down to 3 options I'd like. Jintropin, Norditropin or hygetropin. Only going to start on 1iu for 1st 2 weeks, then 2iu ED for 6 months, maybe go to 3iu after 2 months. Based upon this, would it been a good idea to buy Norditropin pens, due to the pharma grade quality and ease of use/measurement? I will be keeping all product refrigerated, and will take IGF blood test before any HGH, then during for results.

Any advice/thoughts welcome.