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I'm not gunna be on long enough to tell. Usually only on 4-5 weeks just to get bloodwork. Right now havent noticed much. I scored 25 hgh serum on jins but that only means hgh is legit I wouldnt determine those numbers for potency and you must get IGF tested. I've been on 2 weeks and igf numbers are ok I was expecting higher score considering the supposed quality and the price. Been doing 3iu ED. I'm not posting results cause only been on 2 weeks and wouldnt be fair to say those are my numbers. Will go in another 2-3 weeks and post results.

Advice for guys dont go by other guys numbers cause mine not be the same as yours. I see it all the time. I would just go by that the hgh is real then run it for yourself. It's just to many variables

As for jins they are def legit though

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THANK YOU for stating that point!! Fucking drives me nuts when guys talk about their IGF number not being where they thought it would be when testing GH. There are SO MANY VARIABLES that can influence IGF it's difficult to point ONLY to the GH to say there's a problem. Serum levels though will tell u right away if u have GH in the vial u just injected. If ur serum number was 2 when u started, and u injected 10iu's and the test comes back at same number of 2 then you didn't inject GH it's that simple. Serum tests won't tell you the purity but they will give u an idea if there's any GH