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    Thread: Return of Libido

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      Quote Originally Posted by meatneck71 View Post
      Ain't that the dam truth! I was doing a few small cycles test/eq for 16 weeks and I don't think my sex drive was right for almost a year afterwards. First time it was like that, and I was 46. I didn't touch anything after - said enough with the gear, sex drive came back, but from time to time, i'd get it up , be right in the middle and he'd go limp. I finally told myself, stop being stubborn and just get some Cialis, which I did, and I run 10mgs one day, next 20, next 10, and so forth. 10 ed and under does very little for me. Now, after having gone through a great 16 weeker that ended at the end of Feb, I'm back to dealing with the normal sex drive again and it sucks. Trt is probably in your future rancid.

      Maybe one of you guys might answer this.. I have a buddy who got himself on trt treatment, and the trt doc tests him almost every 3-6 months. How can you blast correctly, and not bring that attention out on bloodwork? He's always making crap up to get around it, but his doctor just decreases the treatment. It seems such a waste of time to me to spend all that money to be seen by the doctor, when I can just buy all the gear I need from the sponsors and less than half the price of trt treatment..
      You have thought this out thoroughly and have come to the best conclusion...yourself!! Also keep an MD for normal care of course.


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      Return of Libido Return of Libido
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      Quote Originally Posted by rancid View Post
      Hi. I only take one cycle a year - 500mg Test E. Going on my next cycle after Christmas this year as I don't think I will be able to avoid drinks during the festive season. I've just turned 52. During my last cycle around January this year I had a raging sex drive and kept my wife bow legged and smiling throughout it. I did an reasonable PCT with both Clomid and Nolva, but my sex drive plummeted, which is to be expected of course. The atrophy disappeared, and I kept a very good percentage of my gains. But my sex drive stayed at almost zero, and when I do try I can't keep it up. Doctor prescribed so Cialis which didn't seem to help a lot.

      So, I'm looking forward to the next cycle, and I'm including HCG this time to reduce problems. My question is after the cycle whether the proper PCT will return me to perhaps a normal level of drive, or is the crap low level I'm at now my base level and I shouldn't hope it will get any better than this?

      I had a similar experience after my first cycle and i basicly had to learn what does what by well trying bunch of differnt compounds and seeing what my body likes and doesn't like. I can say that i stick with short ester compounds and go for the DHT derivatives lile mastp\ trena\ testp/ and a lil testB. Let me tell ya that combo with some viagra as a pre workout and Cabergoline twice a week for prolactin Im a horny-ass swx machine! Off cycle i continue the caber for a while and cruise pretty high on sust as my trt. I hope maybe this helps you move in the right direction. Having no sex drive is worse then anything

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    6. Return of Libido
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    Return of Libido Return of Libido