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    Thread: PharmaBold 500 NOT working?

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      Quote Originally Posted by ismaele00 View Post
      So, would it be better 600mg test e?

      Again, I will repeat myself, I'm 5,5 pounds up in 5 weeks. I'm just surprised in the last week things seemed to change.

      Anyway, you guys know more than what I know so I'm happy to follow your advice. That's the point: better run 600mg test e?
      Since EQ is the only compound you're running right now you could use 600mg Of test with it and get better gains or you could just use 200mg/week and get a better idea of what EQ's results wwould be by itself. You just need some test in the cycle to make sure you bodily functions keep functioning.
      This game isn't for everyone, being big and bloated doesn't make you the man, nor does being 110lbs ripped. If you are not competing, find a happy medium. I was thin once, learned all there was to learn about steroids and got pretty big. Then learned how to eat and I got really huge.

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      PharmaBold 500 NOT working? PharmaBold 500 NOT working?
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      5 weeks is too early to tell with EQ. You're only in week 5 and you're trippin'?

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      Quote Originally Posted by ismaele00 View Post
      Experimenting. Proper cycle starts with Test E in about 4 weeks. Test is going to be PharmaCom as well, that's why I decided to give it a try.

      As you guys have more experience than me, what about 600mg of test e per week? Better than 500mg of bolde per week?
      First, you've stacked a fast-acting moderately anabolic oral with one of the slowest-acting, gentlest injectables and your surprised that you have hit a valley between the chemical taper?

      You simply cannot compare 600mg of Test (any ester) to 500mg of boldenone. Not even in the same league. EQ is a DHB, like Primo, it is a VERY slow gain compound that provides quality lean mass over extended periods of time. As others have stated, it will not even begin to impact your weight for another three to four weeks and it will be minimal at that point. 12 weeks plus you begin to see what EQ will really do for you; but don't expect HUGE gains from it.

      Your approach to the compound is all wrong. EQ in smaller doses or shorter cycles does little but to increase appetite and blood cells (vascularity). If you want lean mass gains from EQ expect to run it for a significant amount of time and at a decent (600+ mg) dose. And for God sake, add some test in there.

      Testing and experimenting with compounds is one thing but doing it correctly is important. In the future, take your base (TEST) at a dose you know how you respond (300, 500, 750, whatever) and from a supplier you trust. THEN add the new compound. The difference in results will let you know what to expect and how you personally respond to it.

      Please, do yourself and your body a favor. Go pull some of the Pharmacom Test you have on hand and PIN IT! Start your cycle. The nice thing is that you already have some EQ building up in your system. Now add 500mgs of Test E or C to it TODAY and go procure enough Pharmacom EQ to run this to at least 16 weeks.

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      Starting Test E. Thanks guys.

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    12. PharmaBold 500 NOT working?
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    PharmaBold 500 NOT working? PharmaBold 500 NOT working?