Day 11: Thursday October 18th

Legs are a bit sore from Wednesday’s workout. Nothing too crippling but still feel it a bit. Had a great back workout today all things considered. Been feeling jacked up from some tweaks and minor injuries but doing my best to train around them. Went to my chiropractor today who did a bunch of graston & active release. Felt better walking out.

Weighed in at 244lbs this morning. Also wanted to note how I’m liking the test so far. It is good, can definitely feel the difference from my cruise to the newly upped dosage. Still get a minor PIP for a day or two after but nothing debilitating. My guess is this test is overdosed hence the PIP. Or it could be the carrier oil. Or both. But I’d put money on the dosage being more then 250mgs per 1mL.

Test E: 500mg per week (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat)
Adex: 0.5mg (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat)
Provi: 25mg ED
Gh: 3iu’s ED
Cialis: 10mg ED

Probiotics - gut health
Digestive enzymes - gut health
Hawthorne berry - BP
NAC - liver
Tudca - liver
Vitamin K - cholesterol
Ashwaganda - cortisol
Berberine - insulin resistance (GDA)
Turmeric - inflammation
Fish oils - joints/inflammation
Olive leaf extract - immune system

7am: meal 1 pre workout meal - 2 egg yolks, 9 egg whites + 1.5 cups oatmeal w/pb & coconut oil

**drank bang for pre workout
8am: Back workout
**intra workout drink - 2 scoops EAA’s + 2 scoops glycofuse + 10g creatine
Workout -
Cable single arm row superset with cable rope lat pulldown
4 sets, 15 reps

Close grip lat pulldown superset with cable mid rope rows
4 sets, 10-20/20 reps

Cable seated wide grip rows superset with cable straight arm pulldown
4 sets, 15/20 reps

9:30am: meal 2 post workout meal - 2 scoops whey isolate protein + 4 cups cereal

12:30pm: meal 3 - roast beef + chicken foot long multigrain sub

3pm: meal 4 - 7.5oz chicken + 210g jasmine rice + almonds

5:30pm: meal 5 - 7.5oz chicken + 100g jasmine rice + 100g yuca

8pm: meal 6 - ox tail + 300g jasmine rice w/black beans

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