I have been using 40mgs of clomid and tamox. Sex drive is tanked. I can still get it up but I can tell no sperm is producing. Just liquid. It's been 2 months. I read somewhere that 5-10 clomid may be required for 3-6 months. I also have hcg which helps, and I don't feel sluggish anymore, so I know it's coming back. If worse case scenario, I'll see a TRT specialist, do the blood work and go from there. The last time when I was 42, I did a 1 year cycle and it took me almost 6 months for things to work. I read small amounts of cialis each day helps promote boosting test and doesn't shut you down along with boron. Taking Saw palmetto and flax.

Any success stories? I'm 5'8 - 50 years old. I had to do a anavar and 200 cruise to help heal my rotator 3rd cuff surgery. If anyone needs rotator cuff surgery go to the MAYO. They made it possible after banner screwed up my shoulder and cut off tendons so I had to get a donor tissue for my infra.

Any supps and ideas / experience would be helpful! I'm never doing cycles that long again, maybe 8-12 if I do it again and even Jay Cutler is speaking against blasting and cruising - he recommends 10-12. Some guys on here do 8 and only test and see great results. I'm not trying to compete but just own them weights! Recovery is slow, but not having sex is killing me! hahah. cries. lOL i can get it up and blast one out - but I see no sperm in the fluid. (sorry about tmi). sometimes I see a little, but this may be a long road to recovery.