hello everyong
I am sorry because I did not paid for the rent so I leave for a while. I should explain for the smaple that I said I will supply for free for the 3 item. as everyone know that Bigrob is my REP for a while. so I sent all the sample to him and let him send sample to all guys who apply for. because ship freight is very expensive if I send it to all of you it will cost me much. so I send it to Bigrob, but I do not know why he did not distrinute the sample to guys. and I also email him for several times but no reply. later I hear that Bigrob is a scamer. so from now on Bigrob is not my REP. I am sorry for dispoint all of you guys. But I will never accpet any slander , Myself will never scamer anyone here, in the past ,now,and in the future.
also I did not remember ripped tender ever apply for sample, why you said me a scamer? and I already told every guy I will send sample to Bigrobert then he will distrinute sample to everyone. so I do not know why there is someone said I am a scamer.