It’s really hard to advise caloric intake without a good idea of body composition. If you figure your lean mass, then basil metabolic rate, then additional active calories—can come up with a solid plan for sufficient calories but deficit that also allows adequate fat loss. To restrictive, like sub 1500 calories like you described above just seem a quick, short term fix. Sometimes can be a great kickstart, but also detrimental long term. Can cause that yo-yo so many folks experience.

Having someone do solid measurements or better yet dexscan or bodpod is such helpful information to track progress.

Its a a bit of a drive for me, but a university at the closest larger city to me has a bodpod in their human performance lab. It’s cheap—4 passes for like $120. And they keep track of prior measures, so each time you get details on that sessi9n then a comparative summary. I use it to track my progress, and for grins I did it at the start, week 10 and end of week 20 on a long primo blast last year. Such a quick simple way to get decent data on your body comp, helps calculate your diet, and dial in what works best for you.