Want to revisit this briefly. In listing to Dave Crossland speak recently....he spoke on terminal half life of hormones in the body.

The take away was this....in his years of prepping folks and looking at bloods, he has run across certain people whos bodies will naturally cap testosterone at a certain point. This happens if they inject too frequently. The gear is fine but because test levels are elevated far outside of the norm at a VERY steady level, the body starts to dump it. Their blood work usually comes back with results of HALF of what would typically be expected.

He recommends EOD administration for these people when using short ester test and other compounds in order to keep the hormone level unstable. This is counter to what I often see written in the forums.

This would explain my bloods on Spectrum prop. They came back at half, but I still needed my normal amount of AI based on total test dosage to avoid conversion side effects.

What I do know is I have had some STELLAR gains this cycle. All R24 sourced compounds right up until the last few weeks. Im about to wrap it up finally, and am 100% looking forward to running that sweet Spectrum NPP during the winter. December kick off baby!

Im not the best with explaining things. I hope this makes a little bit of sense.