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    Thread: These Guys are LEGIT!!

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      These Guys are LEGIT!!

      I am a relatively new member here but I am not a new member to the bodybuilding world. I have placed a wholesale order with Select after placing numerous small orders with them to check out their product, shipping, timing, etc.. and so far so good. They are a little slow with emails from time to time but with the volume of orders they do, it seems as if they are just understaffed and get behind. The product however has always been spot on and are very real pharmaceuticals for great prices. Shipments have always passed customs with ease as well.

      I placed a wholesale order with them. The first 2 boxes which totaled around 30-40 boxes of nordilet pens were dispatched as I was told they would be about 3 days apart from each other. All was well until about 5 days later, they ended up at the wrong address!!! They were accidentally shipped to the wrong address! I contacted Select as I had to make sure the remaining shipments were not shipped yet and they realized the issue at hand. The boxes were officially delivered and all of the product was then lost. Thousands of dollars in a loss for them BUT Select has now reshipped my order. They could have easily screwed me but they took responsibility and we now continue to do business. This unfortunately is the cost of business sometimes.

      I just wanted to write this as I see they have been getting some feedback lately about them being slow and non-responsive to customers. I am not condoning that activity is right to do because it is not and I think they should hire more people to answer emails etc... BUT they are still 100% legit as a company. They have been there for me though this and all has been well. They will continue to get all of my business because I know I can trust them and their product.

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      These Guys are LEGIT!! These Guys are LEGIT!!
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      May I ask what country you are in?

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    5. These Guys are LEGIT!!

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    These Guys are LEGIT!! These Guys are LEGIT!!