Been pretty inactive on my log here. Lifes just been busy. In the process of moving right now and been fighting to keep my meal plan on track. Still havent gotten bloods and at this point I might just wait until I cruise.

Although my log has been lacking, i am not slacking in the pursuit of gains. Ive managed to keep all the weight I put on with the dbol frontload (12-14lbs) and I am noticably leaner since. Vascularity has steadily been creeping up. I notice it at night the most. Ill be watching tv with the girl and have the most ridiculous pump. Feels good. Ive managed to destroy all my personal bests for lifts as well. Could not be happier with how things are going.

I went to my powerlifting buddies 430 am deadlift session last week. Was a new experience for me as Ive never been to this gym and I have never lifted with them before. I had a lot of fun and it was great to get out my comfort zone. Also all these dudes are huge. I am dwarfed by them so being the smallest guy in the room was humbling. We did a bunch of doubles on deadlift with chains. Again never used chains before or an actual deadlift bar with some give to it. Loved it. Next was cambered bar squats. Cant say I enjoyed doing those. That bar sucks.
Then we did some leg extensions and some hammies and called it.

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