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    Thread: Havenít heard back...?

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      Havenít heard back...?

      I heard from him last Thursday. Atleast I think it was the right email. But curious to how long it usually takes him to get back?? I need some stuff super fast and I was going to express ship so I could get it this week! Anyone else hear from him?? Iím eager to get some new gear as Iíve been dealing with some CRAZYYY PIP lately from my past supplier. Really looking forward to SL I hear his stuff is worth every penny!!!

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      He will get back to you. SL is as solid as they come. And honestly you should make sure you order or have everything you need before hand. He has a normal life and I believe he doesn’t work weekends. I gurentee he will get back with you if he hasn’t already shipped. Hope all works out.

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      Thank you for the reply brother! And yes understandable, I just haven’t heard back an he told me he’d get back ina day or two so just curious if anyone else heard anything!

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      I was in contact with him last week. I needed to place an order, but he's tying up some shit first. It did take him a couple days to get back to me though. Maybe shoot him a PM here to make sure he received your email.

      I do know he has some personal and pressing things he needs to get taken car of...he and I both have the same exact shit going on.

      As you have read, SL is top notch.

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      is needing a training partner
      like he needs a display photo
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      SL seems to take care of things in this order 1)problems 2)paid orders 3)new, unpaid orders. I had problems during my order that weren't his direct doing and I noticed that the more serious things got the quicker he replied. He's a real businessman, not some fly-by-night shitweasel. He takes care of things in the proper order - settle up with your current clientele before you take more people's money. Also, rest assured that if you have problems once your payment is sent, the mods here are more than helpful in getting things rolling for you.

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