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    Thread: PRE WORKOUT!! Whatís your favorite or go to?

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      Some Rage against the machine on the way to the gym and then Happy by Mudvayne as I'm walking thru the door is usually enough to make me hate everyone I see.....Of course the Tren helps fuel that hate as well but whatever

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      My body doesn't like pre workout anymore even if I take a long break from it. I end up feeling like shit all the time i take it. So I just drink straight dark coffee before the gym and it works out fine.

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      Quote Originally Posted by littlefrank View Post
      Ok so Iíve been cycling a lot with my preís and either not taking them or am. Or caffeine free or not. Coffee or tea and aminos. Just all over the board I guess. Iíd like to know what you guys do... please feel free to send pics or not.

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      1/4tsp pink salt, 1 tbsp bragg's apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp lemon juice and I rotate my pre's so my body doesn't get used to them. I like products with dmha in them. I do have a tub of original game day open and the other is by performix (no dmha in that one) I was at the Arnold classic, so I have tons to try lol. Even got the new hyde iconic. I also use 7.5mg of cialis. If i want a bigger pump, I add more cialis.

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