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    Thread: Blackstone Labs and Ventech Labs

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      Quote Originally Posted by HerbGlaze View Post
      The part where it reads that some one was seriously effected by a product, that dude is probably a snitch.

      People need to wake the fk up and take responsibility for their actions. Always risks involved.. tired of this snowflake blame game nowadays
      I always think of the "famous" video of some little fat kid clearly jaundiced and sick on his way to the hospital....all bc of superdrol. As far as I know that was the only legit serious case...and then you find out hes been taking like 20mg for weeks and weeks while partying every night and not working out once. Then they claim it must be dangerous lmao. If I go to the pharmacy and take handfuls of plan b pills and get hurt are they going to determine those are too dangerous as well? We are surrounded by morons!

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      Blackstone Labs and Ventech Labs Blackstone Labs and Ventech Labs
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      Quote Originally Posted by MrBash View Post
      Well I remember and someone correct me if I am wrong. But wasn’t a pro hormone back in the day late late 90’s early 2000’s taken off the market because of real hormone found in it. I want to say they found trenbolone in it. I am not sure if it was A1-D. I think that’s was the name . Their may have been another one too. You old dudes like me will remeber what I am talking about.
      Theyre designer steroids. Basically a molecule or two is changed and its then called a pro-hormone.

      Superdrol is a great example because its very similar to anadrol but has a slightly different molecular makeup. This is just one example but basically all prohormones are really in fact modified steroids, hence why they were dubbed designer steroids.

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    5. Blackstone Labs and Ventech Labs
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    Blackstone Labs and Ventech Labs Blackstone Labs and Ventech Labs