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    Thread: Six defendants in illegal steroid drug ring based in Virginia waiting to be sentenced

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dallas009 View Post
      Imagine planning an op to raid a drug lab only for it to be a steroids lab like this mustíve been the wish dot com version for them lol
      ANyone realize how many police and various agents use "gear"? Quite a few seems to be.

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      Fellas, The journey is easy to see once you know the destination. They want people weak and dying. Hence all the fetty being ALLOWED to be brought into the country. THEY DONT want strong men in this country unless the are part of the CONTROLLED military. Why do you think they are coming for the guns so hard? Please note the capitalized words here...

      William cooper wrote "PALE HORSE" in which he writes 2 chapters. One chapter speaks of the government setting up programs like unemployment and food stamps etc while imposing time and dollar amount restrictions on them that get and keep the population dependent on big government. The other chapter goes into depth about school shootings. AR-15 Sound Familiar? Well boys, this chapter was written BEFORE we even had Columbine!!!

      Another author who has gone above and beyond is David Icke. READ- "Perceptions of a renegade mind" to start. The authors' writing style can be difficult to read as there is not one ounce of fluff, just pure information. In this book if you can get past the first few chapter he then delves into this whole COVID thing and it gets Real and real quick too!!! I implore anyone who can handle having the truth dropped on their plate to give this an honest read. Nano-gel technology anybody?????
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